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  1. I cut my own, but for a treat I go to Dougs in the Heights..I think its on 11th between Yale and Studemont. Usually 3 guys working. Waiting for Doug is worth it.
  2. going rate is 10$...I offered two guys 8$, (knowing the unspoken rule was 10$) then when they go to the house, they said they misunderstood and said 10$...I said no, 8 or I am taking you back.....they wanted to go back to home depot. So ok. 10$...had them dig a ditch for 3 hrs, and they were done. Said they wanted to go back, work was too hard. Most of the time you have to supervise these guys, so its just as time consuming to do it yourself.
  3. well if its not too bad, I would just scuff it down with a red scotchbrite pad and revarnish. Dont use a foam brush. Buy the most expensive brush you feel comfortable with. I would removed them and just spray the front, brush the sides.
  4. for 10k they need to sub out the work themselves. If you need names, pm me
  5. what are you trying to achieve? Varnish is a clear oil based finish. Is there something currently wrong with them? That will really determine what the process is.
  6. I know its against the law. Thats why I didnt say how I knew the water was high when it was raining.
  7. thats unfortunate. maybe a victim of watching too many removation shows on HGTV. This stuff isnt for the faint of heart or wallet. It cost money, and if you dont have a lawn mower and need help cleaning the yard, you may want to rethink things.
  8. no to all...all the lines have been replaced recently. I was there and nothing unusual was present.
  9. I doubt he has time for that. The rental company charges for drop off and pickup. In this case prob 110$ ea. way. It cheaper usually to just keep it. Maybe permit fell thru and took it off rent.
  10. I realize I wasnt clear...the cleanout on the SEWAGE is always high, like someone is draining rain water into the sewage system, causeing a abundance of water in the system, causing it to rise.
  11. Has anyone seen people divert storm water to the sewage lines. I know you arent supposed to, but every time it rains hard, I look into the cleanout and there is more water than when it doesnt rain. I guess its from people draining water into the lines?
  12. ok. Someone please let me know how to apply for historic designation.
  13. there were 3 topics on this house...wasnt this the guy that needed help to clean his back yard cause he didnt have a lawnmower?
  14. If you paid a GC to do the work it would easily be 80-100k. Its hard to get a loan for more than the house is worth..we had to cut a ck directly to the vendor at closing...never actually touched the money
  15. prob the after...in order to gain muscle mass you also have to eat alot. Its very hard to be have low fat and be muscular. Soooo most people just try to improve what they have..I workout quite a bit, but due to body type will always be on the skinny side no matter how much I work out. Also seeing a pic like that looks more obtainable than huge muscles. I am pretty sure there is a power lifter here that will back this up. Still the idea is kinda gay. I wouldnt mind talkin bout working out over a beer and burger though.
  16. thats exactly what the roofer said. Turbines are better. Best choice are the solar powered fans (according to the roofer)
  17. Ridge vents are really being questioned now...my elec. bill went down considerably when I replaced the upstairs window with double pane.
  18. when these were built, my parents said there were copper lines running on the side of the building..guessing for water, said it looked really nice. For those that havent been inside, I still remember the polished aluminum staircase railing. Very art deco and expensive looking. The peeling pink plastered walls was always intruiging as you could see the many yrs of different paint colors.
  19. My friend moved in approx 20yrs ago and was there till the end. The vacant apts. have been used for repairs to other apartments by removing sinks etc. Not much left. The place was busted when he moved in..I still remember looking at the bottom apt seeing water dripping from the ceiling on the blinds...it was everywhere. Of course no one lived there. Not sure why the owner never allowed the tennants to make outside repairs...they could do whatever to the inside, but not the outside. He always said the owners sister owned the prop across the street (Fiesta), and felt he was trying to hurt the value of her property. He said they hated each other, and were always trying to piss the other off.
  20. as horrible as it sounds, you can take thouse white alum windows from home store, make a frame by double stacking 2x4s and stagering them with the window behind it. When its done, it looks exactly like a trad. wood window from 10ft. Its the depth and the effect of the frame. I cant explain in text. If curious pm with email and will send a pic. After the first one (4hrs) I was poping them out in 2hrs. your able to use the extra where the weights were and get an extra inch of window
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