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  1. Whats the price range for rent on , say, a 600 sq ft apt at Rice hotel?
  2. Gulfgate HEB seems to cater to basic needs..which, is actually just what the area needs. There is though, a segment that I think wouldn`t mind paying a little extra for a nicer store. The Eastwood Kroger is dark and dirty and kinda depressing..the shoppers at HEB seem to include 3 or 4 generations of family in the shopping experience...and who doesnt love 3 and 4 yr olds running between you legs while shopping. I have started going to th flagship Kroger on W. Gray (?) Its somewhere between Cent. Market and a regular store.. Pleasant experience...
  3. www.myspace.com/donhug I actually use it for dating/meeting people in general..BAYOUCITYGIRL..did you list your myspace address?? If anyone from this site emails me..please reference haif..
  4. There are several large, live music venues opening in the area. They are actually nice, not just a large warehouse.
  5. I didn`t renew my subscription to dwell...not interested. I do like the ideas of the prefab homes though. Atomic Ranch though is a another story..I am actually excited when I receive one. For some reason I really like the paper its printed on.
  6. Cooks rink was the bomb. No a/c, just to 6ft tall fans that blew horizontally down the floor. There were also alot of metal poles for roof support, often used to as pivot point when going around corners. My parents went there as kids and said they had a lion that would stay inside at night for theft protection.
  7. Wax floors look great but need rewaxing every 6 months, and forget it if you spill water on them, it leaves a white discoloration. Its basically wax over shellac. Oil based finishes on floors look best in my opinion. They tend to have a amber glow about them, in the light, that looks awesome.
  8. OK 2 doors per side, could this be a matress store like the one on West./Shep. The restroom area is really small, like it is intended for 2 or 3 employees. Many doors to get around the product, but no double doors for larger items. Product would have to large enough that there would not be theft out the side doors (like there is any theft on EastSide ha). I know it doesn`t make sense but I am going to guess a matress store
  9. Getting to know your neighbors is the first step in making improvements. I have found Halloween (perfect timing), to be the best time to make the rounds and talk to people. Once you establish contact its alot easier to drop ~hints~ about the problems that bother you. (Did you hear all the honking and loud talking this A.M., who the hell was that?) Dropping hints like that usually work.
  10. 10th Annual Eastwood Historic Homes Tour Saturday & Sunday, October 22 & 23, 2005 - 12 noon until 5 p.m. This year's tour will feature six of the first homes built in Eastwood, designed in 1911 as one of Houston's first master-planned subdivisions. Featured Tour Homes: 4620 McKinney Street - One of the first three homes officially built in Eastwood in 1912 for I.G. Bond has just been totally restored. The formal entry hall, living room and dining room have beautifully refinished silver pine woodwork and colonnade. This beautiful home shows why Eastwood was one of Houston's premier neighborhoods in the early 1900s and is again today. 4422 Walker Street - A large two-story Craftsman Foursquare built in 1913 by banker Oscar Weyrich for his family. From the expansive front porch to the rear gardens and swimming pool, this is a home that reflects the beauty that always has been Eastwood. 4445 McKinney Street - A large, charming home totally restored to its original splendor. Built circa 1913 for the Culmore sisters and their brother, March Culmore, president of Sam Houston Trust Co. 4629 Rusk Street - One of last year's works-in-progress is now a beautiful home for new owners. This two-story Craftsman home was built in 1911 for Walter Cockrell, owner of Cockrell's Drug Store on Main Street in downtown Houston. 4441 Rusk Street - The second of last year's works-in-progress is now complete. It was originally built in 1913 by architect William Little for his family. Plans for the home were a variation on a Sears & Roebuck house plan named "The Sunbeam." 4518 Park Drive - This year's work-in-progress was built in 1916 by Tellepsen Construction President Tom Tellepsen for his family. The expansive four-bedroom home also has a basement under the kitchen and dining room. Tickets - $10 for all attractions and may be purchased at the Church of the Redeemer Episcopal at 4411 Dallas Street. (Tickets will be sold on the Telephone Road side of the church.) More Information? Call 713.412.6111 or 713-926-4307 SPONSORED BY THE EASTWOOD HISTORICAL COMMISSION
  11. If anyone needs plywood I have 4 sheets left. $25 ea. p/u in Lawndale. Post #
  12. Has the dates been set for the Eastwood homes tour?
  13. Surely by now someone has a clue to what the new buiding is Gulfgate. Anyone?
  14. There was a list in the Chronicle yesterday. Most interesting Venezuela donating 100 MILLION barrels of gasoline. Wonder how that will be distributed? Also their oil co. Citgo (?) gave 1 mill. dollars.
  15. The residents don`t know alot of whats going on. They have been told though, at some point, they will have to move, (6ms. to a year). I have a complete story, but its all second hand.
  16. Alot of people do not understand what it means to eat healthy. If it says low fat, some think its "good for you", they don`t realize the 700 calorie tv dinner will turn to fat unless they exercise. Point being, alot of weight problems we have in U.S. is related to education. I`m sure advertising doesn`t help either.
  17. Hey maybe I will go back with action like that. If we had a meeting there is would be very easy to pick each other out....just look for the people with style and common sense.
  18. Part of my conversation with the owner was about rental of the property, etc. Here is the crazy part, even though there has been nothing but bad luck at this location, he b o u g h t the building. WTF . And yes I knew this was a poser/hokey bar when we went, thats why I was embarassed and did not want to post anything about my experience. (see my other posts before I went)
  19. O.k. guys I have actually been to this place, I didn`t post my experience, I didn`t think anyone cared, they probably don`t, but here it is anyway. I went opening Fri. night, seems one of my friends is good friends with the owner. Upon arrival EVERY parking lot was roped off for valet, I was really pissed since you cannot park on the street, had to park at Pappas and walk as I refuse to valet. Met the owner, fake tan, moussed hair, crude remarks etc. Went inside, couldn`t see crap, velour and draped fabric everywhere (biker bar?) Went to bathroom. AWESOME. The bathrooms are bad ass, super mod. Got the heck out of there. My friend stayed, said it later filled with college kids. I forgot about the music, I don`t know what the hell it was (dance music?) but it was horrible and not suitable for a STRAIGHT biker bar. Please take this info with a grain of salt, it not intended not be mean or spiteful, just info so anyone wanting to ck it out will be armed with info.
  20. Do her a favor and wait about 365.
  21. O.K. I just reread this guys post and realize he`s b.s. So, my serious reply is directed to anyone else wanting to get in shape. Sorry for the wasted space.
  22. Try No Xplode and Muscle Milk. Both can be found at most supplement stores. Eat 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight a day, ( canned tuna and whey protein shakes). Drink lots of wate and work out. Your results are a direct result of the work you put into it.
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