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  1. I go jogging along the bayou several times a week, always wonder about the concrete between the Spaghetti Whse and the bayou. On both sides there is alot of concrete with huge posts that look like they are there for boat tie offs? But they are huge and fairly high above the water. It doesnt look like there is available access across from the S.W. I had to go thru quite a bit of overgrown brush to get over there. It does look like it was/is used for something...anyone know???? Will post about the bums down there camping in another post
  2. no not mine..but it does make me wonder what you were looking for to find that..hmmmmm
  3. Spanish station..oh ..what station is that? shes pretty hot...is it the same station with the dancing bumble bee and hot chicks making out with heavy 60 yr olds?
  4. it would be the wild one with the good job.
  5. after a year of dating, I realize I am not meeting the type of girls that want a long term commitement/marraige. Thinking about using a dating site, but not sure if it is a waste of time or not? Did a quick personality survey on one, and only one match came back..and it wasnt very close to what I wanted?? Any success stories, or advice? I am my wits end ... soon to be 40 and just want someone with same lifestyle.
  6. not sure what her name is but the girl on channel 2 in the am with blonde hair is really cute...
  7. ricco67 has the first round of shots? ..cool
  8. is this below or next to benjis??? my appearance is self explanatory.
  9. The Continental Club has great bands during the week starting around 630....always great music, no cover, and cheap drinks..tonight , Wed, is Ms. Leslie and crew doing great traditional country.
  10. funny the paint is coming up and the old paint is still there...verrry confusing (to me anyway)... that area is dead, no one has expendable income. Texas ave. would be great for college housing..but I think most students have family in the area. My parents recently moved there so I STILL frequent the area.
  11. The El Capitan has been refurbished to some degree. The Brunson in Baytown is nothing more than a building without a roof, they totally gutted it.
  12. They put wide whitewalls on everything..lowrider bicycles, cars and trees
  13. 39 going on 27 www.myspace.com/donhug
  14. I havent been in the tunnels either, but riding downtown tourist always ask where they are. Funny that its such a point of interest
  15. Crome hasnt closed, but drive by Sun (new convertible, wasting time) and man it was crowded....with the old Sams Boat crowd...friends needed better description, so I told them it was ghetto fabulous (?) ..or something close to that....sooo curious as to what actually happens in there...ex did a show there the other day and said it was the 30k millionaire scene
  16. Oh didnt think about that....my train usually starts at the house..haha
  17. Dont throw up in your mouths on this suggestion, but La Tapatia on Richmond has huge tables that can seat the entire group, everything is cheap so the last person is only stuck with 10 tab. Then for the drunks, hit a bar, any bar.
  18. ok is there a dry cleaners in the Lawndale area? Everyone I have asked has no idea. I was using the new official language, that may have been some of the problem, but really I cant find one..help
  19. I have actually met alot of people from those places and, yes some do have good jobs, but it seems even those people are living week to week. Most that I have met care more about outward appearance, they have a nice car, but no house..hmmmmm maybe try a Honda instead of a Lexus. Komodos is fun though.. cute bartenders (girls).
  20. is it too late to get Onion Creek on the list??? please no critics, just asking..
  21. I`m in..especially if it involves singles....and drinks.
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