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  1. Hello everyone,

    I'm looking for a cheap garage apartment or other rental in Eastwood, Broadmoor, etc. ASAP.

    Am currently remodeling a bungalow in Eastwood and cannot occupy until we make considerable headway.

    Don't need luxury accomodations - just utilities, a roof, and enough space to house myself, my fiance, and our 3 felines. We are quiet, employed, and will most likely only be around to sleep and eat.

    Budget for rent is $300-$400 & prefer month-to-month; we're totally DIY on the remodel, so we'll probably need to rent for @ least 6 months.

    Close proximity to Lockwood/McKinney is ideal, though anything in the greater East End will be better than our current commute from SE Beltway...

    We have a few contenders but are trying as many avenues as possible.

    Many thanks in advance!!!

    Did you ever find a place? If so is it near Telephone and Lawndale? Got some new neighbors that dont fit in the normal demographics for my neighborhhod.

  2. Oh no...they are actually embarassed by that. They are mostly geared toward dancing and showmanship....their acts are super tasteful, and attract a huge gay following. Super sexy and fun. Crystal has actually has success in L.A. and NY, but wanted to bring it to Houston, where she is from, since no one else was doing it here. Thought there was a market here, buuut hard to entertain tastefully in a city that has more strip bars than any other city

  3. I go jogging along the bayou several times a week, always wonder about the concrete between the Spaghetti Whse and the bayou. On both sides there is alot of concrete with huge posts that look like they are there for boat tie offs? But they are huge and fairly high above the water. It doesnt look like there is available access across from the S.W. I had to go thru quite a bit of overgrown brush to get over there. It does look like it was/is used for something...anyone know???? Will post about the bums down there camping in another post

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