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  1. I was meaning on the east side...Wayside/Navigation area..Tapatia on Richmond is actually my fave restraunt...all day happy hour Wed and Mojito night is Thurs. Actually looking for places closer to home...Tia Marias in Baytown, hands down, has the strongest margaritas I have ever had.
  2. OK I know El Jardin, and am wanting to try some new places, but kinda scared, as I am not even sure what the signs say...and unfortunately, half of my opinion is based on the margaritas...so what are some on the places I should try???
  3. hell, I am a regular german/irish white boy and they were rude to me as well..I asked for something and it was just "I dont know, if you dont see it we dont have it."..damn I didnt even know where to look, so just left....
  4. in all honesty, I would pay the 80 bucks....some of these Chevy trans. have wiring problems inside the trans on shift solenoids. The wiring kinda deteriorates and needs replacement...could be the diference between 250 and 1500 bucks...what year is it..?
  5. ok signed up for match.com and it is really good site...havent found anyone that fits exactly what I am looking for..but ya never know...


    tacos a go go next to Continental Club..Alabama and Main... Tapatia on Richmond..between Shepard and Montrose.
  7. you guys live closer than I thought....I am at Claremont and Henninger...maybe would should all get together for the Eastwood Home tour..we would be the group from the OTHER side of the tracks..literally
  8. try Blancos in River Oaks...they serve food during the day, so they have a staffed kitchen and are closed on Sat. for private parties..I have contact if ya need it
  9. oh jeeze red square.....free drinks=bad times....went every weekend though
  10. oh ya with a Mercedes, a pickup without a loud exhaust, and dogs with collars
  11. Did you ever find a place? If so is it near Telephone and Lawndale? Got some new neighbors that dont fit in the normal demographics for my neighborhhod.
  12. how the heck do I post a pic?
  13. anyone here into 20s-50s rods or Kustoms? Not Camaros and Impalas, but real hot rods, chopped, dropped, decked, etc...post pics if ya are...
  14. homeless campground...free shuttle between there and the camping at the Bayou.
  15. Actually Austin has a great country/roots/rockabilly scene. Famous clubs like The Continental, Broken Spoke, Egos are always packed with a older crowd.
  16. I went to this Target today and lunch and wasnt impressed at all...Not very clean.
  17. Oh no...they are actually embarassed by that. They are mostly geared toward dancing and showmanship....their acts are super tasteful, and attract a huge gay following. Super sexy and fun. Crystal has actually has success in L.A. and NY, but wanted to bring it to Houston, where she is from, since no one else was doing it here. Thought there was a market here, buuut hard to entertain tastefully in a city that has more strip bars than any other city
  18. ok Crystal Shultea (the blonde dancer) is my ex and I can tell you she is alllll female...as are all of her girls in her dance troupe..she would actually think this post is funny..
  19. what about valets that do it downtown, or especially at Myako (sp?). At Myako, as a car pulls out of a non valet spot the guys run over and put a cone in front, then all of a sudden its valet, WTF....
  20. did any of those chickens get choked? sorry couldnt help it
  21. It seems every year on the news they say there has never been a case of SOMEONE else putting anything in candy, it was the parents the few isolated incidents...but you always hear the rumors.
  22. oh Molly and the Rinwalds are awesome..and its a great crowd and cheap drinks...median age is like 35? or so. 80`s Night is still Fri at numbers with median age around 22.
  23. yup thats the area...on the other side of the water there are footings where there were more of the same tie offs...great picture ...how old is it...its no where near that clean or nice.
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