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  1. not sure about all the ones listed, but the one in Sugarland was in bad shape. It really appeared to be a temporary gym...all the equipment was used/old. The free weights all had a bit of rust, and duct tape was on some of the benches. It was also extremely hot...like they didnt want to turn on the ac.

  2. i am not sure which house this was/is (link seems dead) - but if it backs up to sims bayou then the lot sqft numbers on the tax rolls are not the "useable" sq. footage. This is a result of the very large flood control easements that were put in when they re-did the bayou in the 90's (i believe the easement is on the HCAD maps with a dashed line) .

    They probably got tired of telling prospective buyers that you can't really use the back half of your property.

    thats correct, but a realtor had told me half the property had a lien on it. The back yard is now half of what the neighbors are...and thats half the useable area. I am sure this very cool house will loose and be torn down.

    also the har listing was taken down the day the barrier was put up in the back.

  3. If we are stuck in the same boat, hopefully its a booze cruze.

    I would stick with a solid color corian, or the equivlent. Even some of the terrazzo looking selections look good. The whole granite idea is just a fad that is over. Stick with the basics and your overall design will be timeless.

    My neighbor installs granite counters and has been VERY slow for some time..he may cut you a deal. PM me if you want.

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