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  1. isnt every house in the heights and garden oaks this color already.
  2. the one on the east side is as far as I know.
  3. I give up on posting pics. Can someone please explain it. I am going to show some progress pics
  4. not sure about all the ones listed, but the one in Sugarland was in bad shape. It really appeared to be a temporary gym...all the equipment was used/old. The free weights all had a bit of rust, and duct tape was on some of the benches. It was also extremely hot...like they didnt want to turn on the ac.
  5. thats correct, but a realtor had told me half the property had a lien on it. The back yard is now half of what the neighbors are...and thats half the useable area. I am sure this very cool house will loose and be torn down. also the har listing was taken down the day the barrier was put up in the back.
  6. this one has gone weird...now the back half of the lot is not for sale. The house and now very small backyard are. No price listed.
  7. I think there is a huge plantation style bed and breakfast in the immediate area.
  8. PEX is a great idea. You have to buy that special crimp tool, but in a house, there are only a few sized used so not that big of an expense. It beats trying to run copper thru the walls on existing construction.
  9. If we are stuck in the same boat, hopefully its a booze cruze. I would stick with a solid color corian, or the equivlent. Even some of the terrazzo looking selections look good. The whole granite idea is just a fad that is over. Stick with the basics and your overall design will be timeless. My neighbor installs granite counters and has been VERY slow for some time..he may cut you a deal. PM me if you want.
  10. 1600 sq feet and 3 stories...now thats alot of walking. Whats with the wierd bumpout on the last pic? They are using every inch of possible footage. I dont understand why you would pay that much, for such a small house on such a small lot?
  11. let some crackheads move in and get what you can in rent, then maybe in 10yrs or so it may be worth something. Just my moronic opinion
  12. ya but depending where it is, it may not be worth 50k in this market
  13. well, everyone is going to ask..where is it exactly. That would determine the best action.
  14. I saw the person selling this is pending on buying it for 59k. 6777 Pending Sale 7255 Sims Drive Houston 77061 $59,900 David Denenburg 713-922-709 So guessing someone can pick up this house for a little more that lot value.
  15. the ones I have seen repaired were all a mixmatch of whatever was available it seems. 4x4's, and 2x4's sandwiched together. I would use a pressure treated 4x4 and be done.
  16. I used to really like the suspects...when Chris Kendrick (sp?) was singing for them. After that, in my opinion, they sucked.
  17. I say 1/2 when they start unloading at the most. I will pay for all material when unloaded...if I know the person 100 a day per person (at the end of the day) then the rest when finished.
  18. Is this a private party (pm`d invites?)
  19. old house and granite slab countertops. No. Dont do it...Go for something not so "hot" (actually is old already), and you wont go out of style quickly.
  20. give more info. Pier and beam or slab? I assume you have the space for the shower/bath. Are you moving the toilet? If not moving the toilet, plumbing is about right if done in copper, and sink is opposite of shower location. If they are very close, use pvc and it should be fairly cheap.
  21. RPS...where did this end up. Sold yet?
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