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  1. well if looks fairly easy to do the academics, but is it easy to break into the buisness...I see you have to have a sponsor for a while, are you working for free during that time? Is there a demand for inspectors? Why does everyone work for themselves? How do you get refferals from real estate agents?

  2. You are insinuating that somehow them consuming oil and oil products conficts with them thinking we shouldn't trade blood for oil (their words not mine). This doesn't make any sense to me. Put yourself in their shoes. Do you not think it is a possiblility that if we hadn't gone to war he could continue to use his oil products??? Perhaps that's the chain of events he would have preferred. What is so hard to understand about that?

    I'm sure there could be a rational complaint about these people but you haven't verbalized it yet.


    They were the ones with the signs, so like me, they feel the war is about oil..so why continue to contibute to the problem as they see it..problem being oil consumption and our need to control supplies..maybe I dont make sense in text, but those idiots in the parade were asses, but it is their right.

  3. So at the veterans parade, there were people with signs that said no more blood for oil...ok cool, got that, but these same people were driving cars, and wearing tennis shoes with rubber soles? Why do they keep contributing to the demand for oil? I am sure they use plastic as well as complain about the cost of fuel when it rises..I agree that may be the real reason we are over there, but also see the big picture that we rely on oil, and not willing to give up my lifestyle, so see the reason we are over there...Please dont waste bandwith with stupid comments, just explain what these peoples complaint is, and why they still use oil products?

  4. Yes, but lately there seem to be more so I hardly get noticed. I suppose the next step will be to start announcing the store specials in English every now and then.

    I know what you mean about the Gulfgate HEB...instead of making it nice, they turned it into a Fiesta...if people want Fiesta, they will go there..they should be trying to improve the neighborhood, but I do love the 80`s dance music they play there. You must be the other cracker I saw...hahah...and are the demographics of the neighborhood changing or is it just me...kinda noticed it at the store last 6 months

  5. well its above the rear window I need like 14 inches above rear window..not that big of deal, its for a chop...I just wanted to get the right crown with little work....and its always good to have a extra top for small pieces...that motor is awesome.

  6. well the reason I said aluminum was cause it was so nicely finished...that motor is awesome...any 49-51 fords in that graveyard? Looking for back half of roof section, and maybe another flathead (merc. of course prefered)

  7. on that red abortion I would pull out the center section and move the front end back to the cowl...the front would end up looking like the lunar lander on the H.A.M.B.....kinda cool start, but I would be careful....post pics on the HAMB....see what feedback you get...but your metal work looks really good....but it looks like aluminum?

  8. I have a friend coming from Sweden soon. She has visited Houston many times and wants to move here. She is currently a home inspector in her country. She wants to get her real estate license and/or home inspector license in the US and is not sure how to go about it. ...RPS any hints? She will be here for a week to visit with some real estate schools...is this the way to go?

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