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  1. well I have hardwoods and everything is minimalist....still looks bad..was thinking of changing all windows to just plate glass (they are all 6`3), but that just looks cheap. For some reason I focus on the trimwork...its all really tall and wide profile and thinking it should be flat and thin?

  2. When I look at mod houses, I love the interiors and the general look that says hey this house is a mod....I try to replicate this stuff in my own house, but no matter what, it just looks like a classic house with mod furniture. So the question is what are the qualities that tie this whole look together? Some may be color? Thinking more earth colors but not sure. Windows, doors???? Maybe its just the way the house is, but I am tired of this looking like an old lady house.

  3. they are open to the public, and buy and sell in bulk...thats why all those bulk shipping containers are out there, and they have multiples of so many items. They are expensive to me, but someone is buying it. Why not PSD..its cheap office space...like a central whse so they can have a small storefront.

  4. first is talk to the neighbors, if it happened to you, your prob not the first or last. You should have an alarm with motion downstairs...at night the motion can be on,and would detect anyone breaking in...as for the glass breaking, hopefully its not because the tenent was mean to the kids of the area...but once again that can maybe be handled with talking to the neighbors. For someone to hit an upper window, it may have taken a couple of tries, someone had to see something. I would maybe get a cheap day/night video camera from frys...that may show who is doing it, hopefully its not your tennant trying to get out of lease. Oh, and the neighbors with punk kids, you may want to explain WHAT will happen if they are caught damaging your property. You have the right to defend your property and shoot if your life feels threatened. I am not a lawyer, so there may be more to the law, but I think thats it.

  5. ohhhh I was wondering about that plywood and why some of it sounded hollow underneath. I mentioned mods, but really was refering to houses with such a large slab. So are foundation repairs a somewhat permanent fix, or is just a ongoing problem that wont stop?

  6. So I went on the Glenbrook open houses on Sun. and couldnt help but notice what appeared to be foundation problems in all the houses. I am talking about drywall cracks, doors that dont fit and unusual humps in the floors. Is this normal for house with slabs so massive. Are the repairs permanent? Is this a big concern? I know those pipes under those houses are reaching the end of their life and may be leaking, but just want some opinions on whats going on with these houses.

  7. As Musicman, I must ask, what type of music should be played there to raise the standard of the store?

    sounds like you're looking for a pristine place to live. When you live in an old, established area, there are certain things that you must accept in order to be happy. If you want chain restaurant after chain restaurant, then move to the "rich" burbs. sounds like you'll be much happier.

    The music is great...its all the discount stores they are building...stuff like Latino Cuts...etc...and you are right, I think I will be happier in the burbs. The chains I hate, nice independents I love.

  8. Not sure how the music works at HEB, but alot of times its 80`s dance music...and not radio stuff, the kind they played at numbers in the day. The stores they are building seem to lower themselves to the surrounding residents. HEB at GGate is gross...people are always eating items, you see open packages everywhere....I try not to go there. Wal mart just reminds me of poor suburbs, keep them there. I actually am kinda giving up on the East End and will be selling sometime in the near future. I really feel the hood is getting worse. House prices in my area also seem to be falling?

  9. Yeah, a couple of mine have just rotted and are literally falling apart. Trying to sleep in the master bedroom was more akin to camping at first. Then I just brought out the duct tape as a temporary measure. And I don't have the option to skimp on the back windows, unfortunately, because the whole house faces one street or another.

    Oj ya, temporary measures...those last me yrs...I temp. have plywood over the kitchen window...going on 6 months now..hahahhaha

  10. ya my pet peeve as well...I just hate the high electricity bills...have gotten several new sashes at atkins..but need a couple more. In all honesty I was just going to install them on the side of the house that faces neighbors house...no one sees them, and maybe in the back...I will keep messing with these for a bit...just hard as I am a perfectionist and try to recreate the windows exactly as intended...

  11. So I have redone a couple of wood windows, new frames, the whole thing...over it and thinking about using the cheapies at H@me Depot...you know the white ones with dividers, usually 6 over 6, aluminum....is there a way to make them look nice? I think they are tacky just installed with 1x4s framing it like a pic. Thought about recessing them maybe a inch, or putting drip cap on top..not sure ..any suggestions?

  12. for a friend that just needs basic transportation for a while....cash, no dealers please, just pm me to avoid any b.s...or post if ya want...looks unimportant (thats the first time I used that phrase..ha) must me dependable.

  13. The market for single female homebuyers is rapidly growing, and I think that a fair number of them are intimidated by the male-dominated professions that must be dealt with in the process. If your friend caters to that market, I think that she might be able to do very well for herself.

    Of course, if she's cute, she'll do well for herself whether she caters to one gender or the another.

    Oh she will do great then...thanks for the remarks everyone

  14. Damn 4 houses have been hit (robbed) on my street that I know of (ya including mine), is it bad everywhere or what...after this I am really thinking about moving back out past the beltway again (damn that sounds so scary)...and in case you were wondering I live on Claremont..seems it all happens in the middle of the afternoon....

  15. Oh I have been to Donarakis..twice..thought the first time was a fluke. I heard one of the best quotes ever from the mgr there....he asked what I thought about the place and told him my margarita tasted like it had no tequila in it. His response was ...oh everyone says that here, its cause we use smooth tequila and you dont taste it...pffff whatever. They get freeway traffic, so ya if easily accesable (sp?) I guess anything could work.

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