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  1. There were some problems initially with a flat roof, but Randy totally took care of the problem, even some of it that was mine. No charge, even offered a new roof if it leaked again.
  2. Its great...starfish roofing can tell ya all about it
  3. Well I installed a cheap window and set it back a few inches into the house and looks really nice....so all my wood windows (1939 house) are coming out. I have one that I have made a new frame for and restored the sashes (?) and I am not going to use it...I have new glass for it. 50$. I will sell the rest of the windows for 10ea. The measurement given is guesstimate, but they are the standard 6 over 6 windows.
  4. Ya she digs (ha) the job...but she realizes there is not much demand here. She was actually wandering about other professions that are out of the norm that use archaeologist. Like site prep work for foundations or maybe inspections for digging? Something along those lines.
  5. ya that area. So they are going to build a school? As long as its not another bus station or 99 cent store.
  6. She would love to work there...volunteering now...but its kinda different going from a hands on person (interactive sites with kids/adults), to just standing there. Funny with the Roman exhibit now, she has actually excavated Roman soldiers/battlefields, but they didnt care to much for her additional imput.
  7. So my new wife will soon be able to work (waiting on legal status). Her degree and profession (in Sweden) was a archeologist/museum curator. Does anyone know of some niche markets that the degree could be used in? (other than the museum...seems they just want volunteers)...Any advise is appreciated, she just doesnt want to be a school teacher.
  8. I am talking about the 20 acres that someone was going to build housing on then pulled out....I have seen surveyors there the past few days...anyone know whats going on?
  9. I grew up in Channelview and after 7 yrs decided to drive thru and see the old house.....damn that is a hell hole...there are no deed restrictions and crap is everywhere...what the hell happened? I still like Northshore...thinking about moving around the Woodforest/Uvalde intersection...and its actually very east.
  10. no the area is north of 59 and west of Sharpstown mall
  11. thats prob the one I was at...it was an estate sale. This neighborhood looks like a real option for me.
  12. I went to look at a couple of houses in the sharpstown area...they were north of 59, north of fondren and west of the mall...I keep seeing postings like this is a dangerous area? It looked really nice...is there something I dont know about...and maybe its just the point of reference. I currently live off the intersection of Lawndale and Telephone. I classify this as a iffy area, not sharpstown. I am sure there are crappy apts over there, but I am talking about the nieghborhoods. I do notice houses are really cheap, so please enlighten me on whats going on over there.
  13. Thats the thing about those shops...you see people in them all the time, but they are just browsing....there has to be alot of sales to have enough profit to pay rent etc...
  14. Jan.? No it was today..do you mean its the same group? Didnt see anyone supporting illegal aliens.....
  15. looked like they were protesting for border control....noticed the day laborers were really far away from the action....
  16. okay once again, taking out friends that helped with wedding...must....have.....buffet (dying dramatic voice)...this is a not so nice brunch..baba yegas is on top unless I hear somehting else....seems everyone wants texas shaped waffles....
  17. I would love to ck on this bar...I remember they were sell bikes next door....good idea but they were super dated and about 2 yrs too late...the bike scene has moved on....
  18. ok went to Mia Bellas and the food was pretty good...disappointed cause they didnt have a buffet..but the total bill was only 21.00, hell thats what it at Dennys..so you cant beat the price. Tall ceilings, nice city views....we will definately go back.....buuut I still want a damn buffet.
  19. thanks for the options...we will go to mia bella...I will report on experience
  20. I am getting married this Sat and would like to take my new wife to brunch...and without the techno music..the only place I can think is Backdoor grill (?)...Is Bradys Landing still good? ANy other suggestions. Yes I know its weird but the wedding is a little rushed, so anything nice would be fun...even going out of town a bit.
  21. ok..I will post some more...but there really isnt much more in the room...
  22. oh sorry, not Shag carpet...Shag the artist (josh agle).
  23. ok..well thats the second problem...I have no imagination at all...I love Shag, but I think its dated just like Patrick Nagel. Where can I get something thats economically priced...please no ikea..and whats wrong with the color? I was thinking more earthtones.
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