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  1. I have...my insurance said you have 30 days from close to fix problems. I really dont think they ever came back out though to ck problem
  2. There is a neighborhood between Wayside and Downtown off Harrisburg that has some really nice houses. I think it has been discussed here already, but couldnt find the original topic. Seems the main street is Sherman. Its north of Evergreen cemetary and maybe called Norwood? I am super curious what some of those big houses are going for? Anyway...what is that neighborhood called?
  3. I notice that alot of classified ads are from spammers....all have 1 post and will never contibute to this forum. Does any of the moderators see this as a problem?
  4. the girls pics are plain...you have to go into the main pics to see them...theres one on that first page...the ones with cars lined up at diner...sign up for myspace then see the others... She also took my wedding pics, and everyone thinks they are like postcards...ck out. www.myspace.com/donhug and no I havent sold the car yet, but not really trying very hard...this is the only place I advertised it
  5. I am friends with what I consider to be the next big deal in car pic....see www.myspace.com/loscochinoscc the artsy ones are hers
  6. cmon..this car has never been smoked in, only meguires products used on it, and synthetic engine oil. For those that dont know this car is Hondas flagship car...its has a dedicated factory where it and the Acura NSX are produced. This is the best engineered car out there for under 50k. Dont waste your money on a tanning membership, just buy this car.
  7. East end project will prob. not be done....the money will "run out" before they get to there...
  8. I am having ac problems again. If there is a ac person or if anyone has a good reference please let me know....I am pretty sure I have a burnt contactor that turns on the fan...but I dont know how to get the part, and really dont have time to mess with it. I also am contemplating a new unit....so any reference is appreciated
  9. I forgot my wife needs another car...so I am open to a small car in partial trade...or maybe a interesting old car.
  10. I KNEW someone would ask..ok ok..I will get some..but it looks like a new car...nothing out of the ordinary.
  11. Yellow, black interior, 20,000 miles....car is awesome....I dont drive it anymore due to a company car. $22,000.00 I have the title if it matters. This is one of the best designed cars around...for joyrides go to carmax...to buy email me.
  12. Oh man that happened to me last yr...never saw it coming, sad thing is I was actually the "hit man" at work cause everyone else was scared to fire someone....I was on the phone everyday 8 hrs a day till I found a job....this is Houston and there are jobs everywhere...especially in construction/storage/building/equipment positions associated with the port...you should post a condensed resume on here.
  13. Looking for a treadmill..please not a cheapie.
  14. Musicman...I will buy some if ya want to get rid of it....need like 5 ft x 6 inches.....and I have never seen it at lowes...which one would that be flipper?
  15. I know its not standard anymore, but one of the stores carried it...which one?
  16. you can get the stain from ebay...its just a clear with a toner...strip the wood and brush it on...Adrian at Adrians Restorations did mine.
  17. home depot has too many contractor types with inadequate ck out for those purchases...on thing they are trying is a traveling ck out that someone scans all your items then swipes a card to add your info. When you reach the cashier you just hand the card, swipe it and pay. Unfortunetly the guy using the ck out needed alot more training, and the ck out person took forever to double ck everything..ahhhh progress...
  18. oh I will..David was a really nice guy and great manager...I also went to Home Depot at Gulfgate...that was an experience in guirrila (sp?) warfare...
  19. Has anyone here noticed the service quality at our Lowes has gone downhill...not sure if its just me or not. In the past I was always greeted and at least 3 people would ask if they could help. Now you cant find any help, the store is dirty and its just a real negative experience. Yesterday I was in line with about 100$ of building supplies, there was a super long line, and 4 employees off to the side (on break?) just having a great time playing grab ass with each other. I was so pissed I just left my stuff and went home. There was a great manager there and not sure where he went....damn its 8 am and now I have to drive to Lowes on 610 just to buy a damn window. (I refuse to go to home depot...that place is horrible). I would love to pay a little more for a nicer store...any suggestions?
  20. 20 yr old difference in sibblings?? thats weird
  21. If you are serious, do something different. Not another pretty club, but aim at the alternatives....continental club, numbers, blancos, all have been around longer than the avg club life

    macing dogs

    Cop neighbor says its a 500 fee for loose dogs..I think I may take him on a walk with me this week as there is one house thats a repeat offender..

    macing dogs

    Everytime we walk with our dogs, there are always dogs that come up and charge my dogs...of course mine are on a leash and theirs arent. There have been a couple of small fights with them...I usually go after the dog and kick them if I can and that stops it....is it against the law to spray them with mace...I am tired of this crap. How fast does the pound respond to loose dogs? Does any one have a suggestion?
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