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  1. older gas lines are copper. thats what being crushed. your just moving in??? didnt you get a home warranty??? i would read up and see what it covers...I mean, what if plastic were to get wrapped around the ac and burned it up??? you would have to get a new ac unit and the warranty should cover that.
  2. just trying to get a ballpark on what stainless kitchen counter tops are going for by the sq ft.
  3. heres a secret..Harbour Frieght is a very large tool company...large enough that they have the big names (milwakee for one) build their own line of tools for about half the price....go to one of their stores and you will see their tool brand next to the one that is exactly like it.
  4. quite sure the show boat has shut down due to lack of intrest
  5. I am starting several large projects soon and was wondering about laborers pay. On the east side, at home cheapo there are alot that stand all day without getting anything..I usually pay 10/hr. If its truly supply and demand, and given they WANT to work, shouldnt the pay be less? Whats everyone elses experience.
  6. Not sure....gimme your address and I`ll tell ya...what motor do you have in that classic???? muahahhaha.
  7. remove the emergency rope pull if there is one...you can push in the top of the door and snag it with a coat hanger..that releases the motor and you can open the door
  8. I looked at this sharkbite stuff and its the same principal as air brakes on big trucks. Fittings are a one time use, looks like a super easy way to plumb a house though. I am going to invest in that crimper and redo my house.
  9. maybe I am not calling this product correctly..I am talking about prefinished 3/4 inch hardwood flooring..same wood thru the plank...cost under $4 sq ft. I am probably going with the real thing (Klassic Hardwoods reclaimed is 7 sq ft installed and refinished), but was just wondering as this is always a cheaper option.
  10. Not the super thin stuff with a pic of wood..we are talking the 3/4 in. prefinished stuff...seems to be the same price as installing unfinished, the finishing. Is this stuff junk or not..to me it seems the logical way for real wood flooring, but not sure if I missing something here.
  11. last job had one...common knowledge of electricty will let you bypass it.
  12. yes thats what I am looking for...I will pm you now.
  13. BTT..still looking..TJones I pmd you.
  14. I signed on this am and now it seems all responses are collapsed and I have to click each response to view...is this something I did? How can I fix it? Its super irratating (sp?)
  15. I am realizing the Honda S2000 and home remodeling do not go hand in hand. I am going to sell the car back to carmax and am looking for a truck. 95-08, extended cab, long bed, with less that 60k miles ..price not to exceed 19k. Let me know what you got...
  16. ya that neon rivals the Colorado Club ...whatever that place is.
  17. sooo instead of going to Myako (sp?) on our regular Wed night rest. we decided to go to the new Star sushi restraunt. Sign is huge, no one is ever there so we decided to go. Its not open yet. It was kinda embarassing..just FYI so no one else waste their time going....I will say that place is very large. Hopefully people from the area will ck it out.
  18. The most embarassing part of this whole deal is that there is a group somewhere (city employees) that actually picked these and were proud of their choices. Wonder how much they are getting paid?
  19. Before you waste alot of time removing wallpaper, you may want to think of just installing 1/4 inch sheetrock then tape and float. Sounds like a real handyman worked in your house and just used whatever paint was around. Oil paint over latex primer will peel like that.
  20. the colors on the underpass are tacky and trashy...not sure what they were trying to accomplish..is this the citys attempt to say welcome to the east end? Reminds of when my neighbor painted his garge pink and green...he said it matched his brick.ha
  21. I can almost promise it has wood underneath...mine did, and about 98% just needed a good scraping and repaint. If the original siding was removed, they would still have to put a substrate down (plywood), so removing it kinda defeats the purpose.
  22. I have used those blocks before...not a real deck I guess...but its a 12x12 deck for my dogs. I only used 1 at each corner and they are ok. The dogs have a combined weight of 150lbs. For a deck like yours, I would build up a small base for each peir with gravel, use 2x12 for perimeter and you should be ok. I built my deck in less than 1 hr (with a nail gun).
  23. Carmax offers the highest price...a dealer may make a better offer, but only if the can cash in on another facet of the deal. Why are you wanting to get rid of it? Financial or mileage problems?
  24. We drove the hood looking at houses and was very impressed with lot size and variety of houses.
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