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  1. oh ya...I heard Stand and Deliver the other day at HEB..stragest thing ever. So no one thinks this is a subliminal thing? I thought maybe it made the regular shoppers feel uneasy and maybe not steal anything, or eat the product and put it back.
  2. I would not tile to greenboard, I was saying greenboard with 1/4 hardi over it...I figured it out though...1/2 hardi in the shower and 1/2 green elsewhere..that way there is a smooth transition.
  3. I realize stores play background music designed for the demographics, so I have always wondered why they often play 80`s new wave at this store. I thought maybe it was to make some people uneasy with the unfamiliar music? This am, in the short time I was there, they played the Cure, the Clash, and Psychedelic Furs...where does the music come from? Club HEB? I am not complaining and actually love when they play the music, but just curious about the thought behind it.
  4. I am getting ready to sheetrock the new shower area and not sure how it should be finished out. One told me to carry the greenboard into the area (sheetrocking the whole bathroom with greenboard), then going over the green with 1/4 hardi...another said to use 1/4 in the area and thats it. Oh ya there will be tile over the shower area and not the rest of the room, if that detail matters. anyone know how builders do it?
  5. the shiplap has nothing to do with load bearing. If you are trying to take out was an outside wall, then that wall would be load bearing. Depending on how big open up is, you can just install a header and remove a couple of studs. Redscare I stand corrected. Depending on which way the rafters run...larger houses have rafters in different directions...you will have to look
  6. they sell the round corner bead at the homestore...you may be able to install right over the square edges then just float it out.
  7. Resheetrocking all. The bath is gutted at this point. There was nothing in that area.
  8. I want to take mine out too, but I am guessing someone smarter than me builds like that for a reason, so before I change it, I would like to know why its there to start with.
  9. No...just a hollow cavity in the shower area. My old house had it and my new (1970) has it. I assumed it was there so the humidy would travel to a higher part of the room. Talkin like 1 foot dropped.
  10. Im not sure if this would even apply to this forum..but it seems alot of people here are performing remodels and asking alot of questions. Car sights I participate in have these sections and its very good for references. I am dying to post pics, but do not want to take up bandwith or unnecesary space. Does anyone else care about the builds/remodels?
  11. I see it in older houses, assuming its to stop steam/humidity from building up in the area. Not sure I have see it on newer homes though. I am rerocking the bathroom and trying to decide if I actually NEED to have a shorter or ceiling or not. Suggestions?
  12. Enlarge it..the money spent will be about the same, and you will get more useable space. Guessing you have a modular shower contraption..you will be able to get rid of that and install a real shower...think about how much a nice shower is worth over a few yrs.
  13. http://www.hytechsales.com/insulating_paint_additives.html this is a very basic principle. just plastic hollow pellets that insulate like a double pane window. its used in the car industry with products like "lizard skin". follow that link and paint your house with it.
  14. Where is Vicman with his school info? Is there a happy hr prior to this?
  15. They Ikea product is almost exactly the same as Kraftmaids stuff. Ikea uses Blum hardware which is top notch. After looking at construction, as much as I want to knock it, the ikea product is nice.
  16. I loved that place. My friends and I would always meet up there. They always treated us like rockstars. They would always ask, "are yall famous?" It was the same question everytime. Drinks good, food mediocre. It did close for a while..hell, I didnt even know it was open.
  17. Ikea is the way to go. We installed a 10x10 kitchen and it was around 2600.00 for cabinets. The generic birch ones at the home store look good also. Stain them with a amber stain and it brings out the grain. They are like 30$ each.
  18. BORACARE..ck it out..its the best thing out right now. You can buy it out of state without a license.
  19. you have to tell them before they show up that they need to get under the house...once on sight they will have a million reasons why they cant get under...google dog and termites..the company has trained dogs (very small) and can sniff out active termites..they have a 97 or 98 percent success rate. Then have the underneath sprayed with a chemical that termites wont touch...I think its called Bora...? That will last 40 or 50 yrs. Send PM if you need specifics.
  20. Sideboard, hutch, whatever that thing is on the side. 200.00 table and chairs with it...both for 1000.
  21. speaking of saint arnolds, I am proud to say one of my best friends did the artwork for their new beer El Santo. Look for it.
  22. mine was 2 story with 700sf base..it was 1200$..only 3 inches up in the back...they arent liable for anything...
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