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  1. heres the way I look at alarms...it gives you a few second after initial entrance to arm and protect yourself and property should you feel threatened. It doesnt stop or prevent anything. It MAY make your house a little unattractive with the stickers/signs (even humans pick the path of least resistance). So look for whatever will alert you the fastest upon initial entry.
  2. that strip center is gross...the smell of plastic coming from that shoe store, the bum with a lisp that talks super fast, the amount of people leaving lil ceasers with the box already soaked in grease before they leave the store, and the block buster with a security guard that looks like a thug.
  3. orrrr you could put a fake metal handle on the garage door, isolated with rubber washers and run 120 to it. wireless motion detector would work also. they work up to 100ft I think
  4. I have had alarms for quite a while now..mu suggestion is wireless motion sensors in the house..usually only need two or three...just look for areas where someone would initially enter. Most alarms come with one motion and two door sensors. Put the door sensors on whatever doors would be most likely to be used in a break in. Motion sensors are activated as soon as you enter a room. Window sensors are a waste. You cant stop someone from entering, only scare the heck out of them when they do.
  5. why no picture of the outside and the yard?
  6. do you have the link to HAR? That may explain everything.
  7. I loved utotem...they had that promo totem pole that made some sort of noise, clicking noise maybe..dont remember what it was...they also had a tube tester. I used to pull the tubes from the tv and ck them.
  8. this thread is so weird to me, althought I am straight, I dont understand what defines being gay to the point you wouldnt be accepted in any neighborhood? My wife and I recently purchased a home and have not had one person say hi to us yet. So I think it just depends on your disposition. You cripple yourself by acknowledging your someone different...your really not. Move anywhere you want and just get along (well maybe not Highlands Tx).
  9. This is Miyako on Kirby, I dont know about any others. We went the other night and I was very surprised at some of the changes. A few interior walls were removed in order to cram in more tables. It made the place look kinda cheap. The weirdest thing was the mgrs (?) There were 3 guys standing around that really looked like a pit boss' off a movie. The quickly walked around halfway looking at tables, but not really doing much. We waited for out check for quite a while before one asked if we needed anything (it was his third lap and I had that look on my face). Has Miyako changed owners? If so I am not impressed whatsoever...and just for the record,after going to the STAR restraunt and eating all the sushi I only go to Miyako to appease my wife. Seems 40$ sushi some how taste better than 8$ sushi.
  10. there is P&M (Im pretty sure thats the name) 75$ and they cleaned the coils and cleaned the crap out of the bottom trap. Its necessary to keep a good system going. The coils get stuff built up and need to be cleaned. If you call someone make sure they actually have employees and not just contracting your call out.
  11. if you look in the new catalog they now have a mod orange color for the door faces..white cabinet, orange front..heck we all love dreamsicles.Used as a accent it looks really cool.
  12. ok. I couldnt delete my post...I was asking for some help to RE install some base cabinets...I was just trying to spin it so someone would want to help. Their kitchen cabinets are great...they use Blum hardware and I used wood glue and some extra things here and there to make them stronger. My wifes parents have had a ikea kitchen for 25 yrs and it has held up great.
  13. drive backwards exactly one mile/hr more than you were traveling upon initial impact.
  14. my friends often joke of the mercury lamps you see as you get close to hobby just prior to landing. Its WT at its best...thats what the lights remind me of, a bunch of cheap mercury lamps...now we just need some pit bulls to chain up.
  15. I hear negative things sometimes, but you know what...what you see is buisness..its what provides the daily things we enjoy. I tell people if you want them to go away, then quit using consumer goods. I actually kinda like the smell and the heat you feel from the unknown chemicals burning in the flare on 225 verrry late at night.
  16. My house is currently gutted due to the neighborhood handyman. Just hire someone. Think how much time you have wasted just contemplating what to do and reading postings and thinking about it etc....time is money and hopefully your time is worth more that savinga few bucks. When you talking such little money, I dont think spending a little over 100$ is a big deal. Plumbers are like everyone else in the service buisness, their job is to get it done, not stick around and see how long something last. Like the carpenter whos house has putty all over it and the mechanic whos car barely runs.
  17. Guanos plumbing (sp?) ..these guys are good...Leslie did all my work and wouldnt trust anyone else. He is very meticlus (sp?) and everything is perfect. That is expensive..labor is 100/hr for good work. Buy your own disposal (dont buy on for under 100) and call them
  18. it doesnt matter what others think..its your house, but you cant fight the arch. style. I would determine what the style of the house is and just go with that...obviously you like the original style or you wouldnt have bought it. Stay with a simple design and it will never go out of style
  19. the style will look right out of the 30`s..but its America, you can do what you want and as long as you enjoy the style, then thats what matters. If you have a budget, then a new sink w/hardware, new counter, change the drawer pulls and repaint.
  20. I accidently went to a store once when it was a tax free weekend...I actually just left when I say the crowd. I often wonder, how many would pay twice the tax to have a quick check out and no crowds..I would in a second. I`m sure I`m not the only one. Oh well, I wont be spending any money during this weekend.
  21. I think it was a Cub Scout project for us...we all learned to hold on tight to your money when dealing with "the man"
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