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  1. Whishbone legs and 4 dogbone chairs. All chairs are the same. No arms. 2 leaves...it will fit 8 chairs at the table. It is a walnut color now. I have seen this same color on many sets, but it was orginally wheat. Cheap price to move today. Fri it will be on Ebay.

    500.oo. Yes I know its worth twice the price. I may trade something, just ask. Not taking Nigerian post dated cks or money orders.


    I would post a pic but dont know how. Send email and I can fwd a picture.

  2. Thanks - looks like I'd have to go this route since I can't find anything already made.

    The current two columns are 8' x 9.5" x 1" and while I thought they were necessary/load bearing, the match I *thought* I found (and knowing the previous owners, it would be this one since it is the cheapest available) says it is decorative only.

    Anyone know how to quickly determine whether the eave will collapse if I yank them out? :)

    The more I think about it, I seriously doubt the eave needs them (but then why would they spend the $ to replace what was originally there? I can tell where the previous columns were attached).

    Over time, everthing would sag (happens in buildings and people.haha) . Wood needs a little support of the end of a long run. I would replace them with 3 in tubing. Just a round pole with a 3x4 plate welded on each end.

  3. There is Atkins downtown, but for a nice door, go to any of the customer door companies, Conroe door, I think Mongomery customer door....anyway thats what they do. They make doors for other companies to sell. I showed them pics on a mod door costing 2000 or so and they laughed and explained the rediculous markup...so they arent that expensive considering its the first thing people see (unless you have a car broken down in the front yard ) when they come to your house. I have an installer that works on weekends only. PM me when/if you need the info.

  4. My comp does buisness with door companies and showed them this company. They said the prices are crazy high and probobly having someone else make them, then marking them up. Call Conroe door is you need a retro door. They will make one cheaper than this.

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