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  1. I drove by the old Cafe Montrose location on Westheimer today and saw something like "Vinoteca" on the awning. I know Marco Wiles is putting something in there- any one have any more details on the new venture? It looks like it's coming along pretty quickly, at least from a drive by view.
  2. Yeah- right next to the new hair salon that opened up there not too long ago.
  3. There is a new clothing store at 1806 Westheimer but it doesn't seem to have a name. Anyone know anything about it?
  4. It's on the North side of the freeway- it's a huge building, but so far I haven't seen anything else go in.
  5. Any idea what else is going in the new retail center at Kirby & 59? I saw a Corner Bakery going in, and the website lists it as 2615 Southwest Freeway, but I've been unable to find any more information on it. I've searched on here and couldn't find any info either, my apologies if I just missed it!
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    I am looking for opinions about Tricon- anything at all would be helpful!
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