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  1. I guess i'm the lucky one who got a large increase in both land and improvements. Up to $60/sq ft for land. I would gladly sell my house if someone offered me what the city has the value at. Ridiculous.
  2. I ate at Chicken Ranch, did one of the family packs for just Me/Wife/Toddler and it was a massive pile of food at a reasonable price. The chicken was pretty good, one of the breasts was so big, it was likely more meat than a 5 piece from other chicken places. Sides were good too.
  3. I assumed 927 Studewood left the front of the building so they could maintain the current setback?
  4. A combined 30 post between the two, are now the loudest people on this thread... This is a perfect example of what is going on in the neighborhood. (not saying either of you are new or insignificant to the 'hood, but I find the parallels amusing) I want this development to happen, as a user of the neighborhood. (I also happen to live here)
  5. Not to mention with a 4 car garage, nearly everyone can fit there cars in the garage (even with large piles of other crap in there, or particularly long trucks)
  6. http://search.har.com/engine/530-Yale-St.-Houston-TX-77007_HAR66499049.htm I remember seeing one of these for sale before when eating at Dry Creek, and thought it odd they said 4 car garage. Although I hate shared walls... this is definitely one of the more interesting townhomes in the area (especially at this price point). *don't get me wrong... it is still a bland townhome, but the 4 car garage and fair lot size are very intriguing to me*
  7. There is so much wrong with this it is hilarious. The only thing I can give you is I would not be surprised by whatever development that does go in there, will most likely have "Heights" in the title somewhere. "Oaks of Heights River Boulevard Tarkett Vinyl Heights - A south Heights establishment"
  8. I welcome this development. That parking is hardly ever used (I regularly take my kid to play in the park there, and i've never had to park west of Heights, normally I'm able to park right next to the park) and the site plan looks pretty interesting. Interesting sites typically get interesting businesses, as cookie cutter corporate business tend to shy away in favor of suburban strip centers (which is what will happen here if no variance is provided). I do think that if the parking variance is granted, there should be some stipulations to ensure we get something like the rendering, and they don't pull the ole rope a dope on us and build a crappy strip center. I'm hoping for sushi/bagel/indian food, just one of those would be a giant victory to me.
  9. When going to the park over the weekend, I noticed what appeared to be a few permit signs in the window of the former "Boulevard Coffee". Is there a new Coffee Shop moving in(being hopefull)?
  10. S3mh, The unfortunate part of that is the party scene has been a lot more prevelant on White Oak lately. I was just at Onion Creek Friday night and was discussing with one of the long time bartender's about how the scene had shifted dramatically in the past year. (He was saying they have had to call the police and other bars more frequently lately to warn them about the drunken idiots causing problems).
  11. SilverJK

    5307 N.Main

    I heard a restaurant was moving in there from a typically reliable source (he seemed quite certain), but when i spoke with him later about it he said it wasn't clear anymore. With the brewery going in just down the street, it would be nice if they could feed off of each other somehow.
  12. I was on 610 the other day and saw there was Chipotle between shepard and Ella now? BTW, I agree that Paper Co Coffee is a good place. I'm trying to find ways to go there more, but saturday/sunday mornings are my go to coffee shop times and that is when the church is in session...
  13. I went to Kraftsmen on saturday and saw that they were going to be open for dinner soon. I just hope Griddle Cakes are on the menu for dinner.
  14. saw that Zoe's Kitchen sign is up in the new building across from Kroger on 20th. ...m.e.h... (HAIF kept changing this to moo for some reason)
  15. You mean the creation of the district which then would be under a set of rules that in no way whatsoever can even be remotely compared to what is in place now...
  16. I miss when Melange was open in front of Stella Sola...
  17. I thought they realized a lot of the supposed heights cat killer cases were actually other animals killing them?
  18. Says the person who threatened to get revenge on people who opposed the ordinance when if first went in to effect...
  19. Nope... even if they completely change the ordinance (what happened in 2010)
  20. I was unaware you were around 7-8 years ago... the rest of this paragraph pretty much describes brookesmith 8 years ago. I'll probably buy an IH property (or 2) by Spring.
  21. I drove through there the other night... it wasn't that bad. I would say it isn't any worse than brookesmith was 7-8 years ago. I'm really looking at buying now. I do believe that south of the railroad tracks will be the area to gentrify first though.
  22. I've been thinking about buying a lot up there to build a warehouse for my hobbies... but the likelyhood of getting tagged/damaged/burgled is too high. Maybe I should buy now, and hold on a few years then build my warehouse if things are looking better.
  23. I ate at Birdhouse the other day as well, it was pretty good. We got the family pack and it was plenty for 2 adults and a toddler. Kinda pricey for just a 2 or 3 peice though.
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