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  1. I use the scooters at least once a week in Austin, though I prefer the ebikes.
  2. They might as well say "transit is for the poors, and we don't want them here" It's this sort of attitude (and, to be fair, METRO's accommodation of it) that leads to a consistently substandard system.
  3. ADCS

    Metro Next - 2040 Vision

    They didn’t want anything more disruptive than the existing rail corridor. I think you will see less opposition to what’s essentially a streetcar to the Theater District. It’s a QOL and property value enhancer. Businesses will complain but hardly any of them last longer than 5 years on Washington.
  4. ADCS

    Metro Next - 2040 Vision

    Center St is a logical relief route for Washington
  5. ADCS

    Metro Next - 2040 Vision

    Maintain existing facilities after the 45 rebuild, but don't prioritize further expansion. Redirect resources toward comprehensive public transit whose primary purpose isn't just welfare for the poor. I don't see companies moving away from NYC and SF because of the difficulties commuting from Dutchess County or Vallejo
  6. The best location would be in one of the parcels off of N San Jacinto opened up by the relocation of I-10 and I-45. That area is never going to redevelop due to the jail locations there, and already has good access to transit.
  7. It isn't "forcing additional expenses"; it's ending subsidies whose costs outweigh the benefits.
  8. See, I'd agree in most scenarios, but not when it comes to big public works projects. You can get people on board with that, and because it's usually a mass collective effort, it doesn't take all that much from any one person. However, where do these projects almost always get hung up? When it's encroaching on some honcho's territory, or demanding a benefit to a small, well-connected group at the expense of a large group of politically weaker people. It's not malevolence so much as acquisitiveness and or defensiveness I'm talking about.
  9. Houston has had inordinate wealth and ambitious people for over 120 years now. Lush subtropical forests have been popular for ~200 years now. City beautification efforts have been popular since the turn of the last century. Which is to say... if this were an easy process, there’s no reason to think it would not have been done already. So a reasonable assumption is that this is not an easy process. If something seems obvious, and hasn’t been done, your first assumption should never be that people were lazy or stupid. There’s either a good reason, or a predictable one (like corruption or greed).
  10. Tens of millions of years have conspired to make the Texas Coastal Prairie ugly as sin and nigh-uninhabitable to pre-modern humans. It's also a paradise to countless other species. We've only got cities here because of physical geography, not ecology. Try as you might, what's aesthetically pleasing will only exist in pockets here. But that's OK - there are plenty of pretty places within a few hours drive. Quit picking on the ugly - it never did anything to you.
  11. The train station/UHD portion will be decommissioned as well. The new bridge will connect the Center St line to Hardy Yards.
  12. Yes, pretty much everything from 527 up to the I-10 interchange will be rebuilt.
  13. Yep. TCR Station down Washington to Smith St, then across on Westheimer to the Galleria. This would have impressive ridership and connect all the densest areas inside the loop and just outside of it.
  14. ADCS

    Metro Next - 2040 Vision

    Oh, I'm not talking commuter - I'm talking a grade-separated rapid transit system. Since this is a long-term plan, and TCR is more likely, why not have it on the books?
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