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  1. ADCS

    1818 Washington Ave.

    The train station/UHD portion will be decommissioned as well. The new bridge will connect the Center St line to Hardy Yards.
  2. Yes, pretty much everything from 527 up to the I-10 interchange will be rebuilt.
  3. Yep. TCR Station down Washington to Smith St, then across on Westheimer to the Galleria. This would have impressive ridership and connect all the densest areas inside the loop and just outside of it.
  4. ADCS

    Metro Next - 2040 Vision

    Oh, I'm not talking commuter - I'm talking a grade-separated rapid transit system. Since this is a long-term plan, and TCR is more likely, why not have it on the books?
  5. ADCS

    Metro Next - 2040 Vision

    That's exactly what I was thinking when I saw they were opening the plan up to discussion again. And why settle there? Let's get heavy rail down Washington or Westheimer!
  6. ADCS

    1818 Washington Ave.

    Eh, the comment above was a bit overstated. The line parallel to Washington will stay pretty much intact, while the line on Winter St will be removed altogether as part of the I-45 reroute. There will be a new double-tracked bridge over White Oak Bayou.
  7. ADCS

    Future Of The Astrodome

    Key words: "he views"
  8. ADCS

    Future Of The Astrodome

    "Not even in the purview" - I didn't want to spend political capital on pushing it through.
  9. ADCS

    Buffalo Bayou Master Plan

    Hope so. Waugh's a good road diet candidate - that third lane is hardly needed.
  10. Red is existing, not new. The measures were taken specifically to impact Midtown and EaDo.
  11. Even better idea - see if Disney will help with the development. This is the sort of space they have a lot of experience with.
  12. So still no signature design elements for the DT Connector bridge over Buffalo Bayou? Kind of a shame, really. It would be cool to see an extradosed bridge here. Edit: and now I'm at Page 17 :-)
  13. ADCS

    Montrose HPD storefront closing

    If anything, it would make sense to actually have police walking beats in that area. Put more of 'em on bikes, too.
  14. ADCS

    Pearl on Helena by The Morgan Group

    Why would anyone oppose the setback variances?
  15. ADCS

    Houston Press - Downtown Block 352

    I think this overwhelming deference to and insistence on the rights of property owners is detrimental to the cohesive functioning and livable development of our city. At some point, people must realize that they are their brothers' keepers, and we are all in this together.