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  1. More greenspace around UHD is a good thing. Likewise, installing ivy and other crawling plants (akin to 59 in Montrose) can provide an attractive landscape to the bridge columns within the greenway
  2. It's all about the local reporters trying to break into the big time
  3. Dug gets on my nerves with how slanted his reporting on NHHIP is.
  4. And that's the problem - sometimes, you've got to suck it up for the greater good, and rural landholders around here think they're entirely exempt from that. It's a completely toxic notion of freedom.
  5. The reactionary psychos in the hinterland who killed this are a main reason I'm not sad about leaving the state.
  6. Good for them. They get just compensation. There's no constitutional requirement for them to be happy about it.
  7. Only so far as every sales tax is regressive, but I don't think you'll see much political will here for a wealth/income tax or ad valorem tax on vehicles.
  8. Honestly think it would be easier/more efficient/more progressive to convert the gas volume tax to an energy quantity tax (per gigajoule or kilowatt-hour sold).
  9. It's easy to blame HCTRA, but the real issue is the Lege being entirely unwilling to raise gas taxes (can't anger the trucking companies), and having little-to-no interest in properly funding transit (rural and suburban voters don't like it).
  10. After years of argumentation, the only coherent argument made is a purely NIMBY one - that the East End (and only the East End) should be forever preserved against any sort of potential public development whose benefits to the city and region at large may exceed those to the neighborhood itself. The grounds are purely moral - a justice-based argument stemming from the historical wrongs perpetuated against the community by admittedly racist and sectarian local governments, separated in place and time from the proposed development. The arguments become disingenuous when they stray from these grounds. It's clear when the arguer does not actually care about the points being made, and that they're only being made to buttress the core argument, whose merits the arguer is not confident enough to support on their own.
  11. There's a difference between calling someone an outright liar, and saying that their argument is disingenuous.
  12. Water features lead to higher demand for nearby property, leading to higher property tax revenues. It would be foolish for the city to not place amenities here. Brays is different because the area around it is already high-income and politically influential, and they most certainly do not want any inducement for higher density development.
  13. The funniest thing about all of this is the suggestion that small business is in any way hard done in Texas. You took a risk, and it's not paying out. Isn't that risk the whole reason we are supposed to let you profit? I wish the opponents of the project would just own up to being NIMBYs and BANANAs, and will never argue about this in good faith.
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