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  1. Hey, I like my aluminum house across the street from this development. On the other hand, beauty is in the eye of the beholder I guess.
  2. The cross roads are really used by the church members and are a major pain in the rear. It looks like they are going to keep the road and have the building go over it (based on the road work I've seen them complete). And yes, the little old lady (very nice by the way) has no intention of moving - and they offered her a substantial amount of money to do so. It's going to look odd - maybe. Personally, I think they are building the western end first and hoping she will get fed up with all the construction and decide to sell in the end. That property value is going to be cut in half (at least) once built around. Oh well...
  3. DavidD

    Montrose HEB

    Can't wait for this HEB to open and from what I've seen driving by it looks great. I grew up in San Antonio where there were tons of HEBs. When I moved to Houston I missed them so. For me, the shopping experience is better, the quality of the food is better (especially the meat and produce). Living in Midtown, I've had it with Randalls and Kroger - especially their produce. I drive to the HEB on Buffalo Speedway right now just to get quality food - however, their parking sucks Anyway, I just like their stores and food. Just my two cents. It's going to look much better then the rat trap of a Fiesta across the street. I wouldn't shop in a Fiesta with your money
  4. Wow, where to start. It's been a while since I've posted Cheerz is owned by the same folks as Rebels over on main. They did a great job on the inside and have a great staff. The food is great (5 rotating chefs right now) and the beer prices are reasonable. If you like sports they have a ton of tvs. It's just my opinion, but I really like it. I've been in Midtown for 4 years now and would not live anywhere else. Not married yet, but if I do and have kids I will raise them down here. Midtown is going no where and is getting more activity than ever. Washington will die down eventually and as soon as the city goes after them for the parking violations (not enough for their occupancy) some businesses will be forced to move or close - again more opinion then fact. Love the trolley idea and it would definitely help me utilize the train more often. As far as overall improvements, I want better Motorcycle/Scooter access for Midtown/Downtown. I love going to London and seeing the motorcycle only parking. You want an easy way to improve access, add these areas in. Scooters are already on the rise in Midtown anyway. Overall though, Midtown just keeps getting better. Don't forget the Whole Foods being added at Dallas and Waugh. David
  5. Reliant came in and extended the "Midtown style" street lights down West Gray towards Taft last week. It does seem plausible that someone has purchased the property and wanted it linked into Midtown a little more.
  6. DavidD

    Where To Live?

    Your looking in the right area. Just look on Google Maps when you look at everything. I wouldn't go any further East or south from 2222 Sabine Lofts. Use that as the bottom right corner of your area to search. You can also check out Camden's new apartments. I've heard they are nice and I've seen quite a few good looking ladies at their pool. Camden and Post are competing a little bit right now and are trying to fill back up again. Try and work a deal.
  7. The 24 Hr Fitness in Midtown (Loisiana and Elgin) has opened. I've been a few times now and must admit that is the nicest 24 Hr that I have ever been to. Swimming pool, raquetball court, basketball courts, nice locker room and really nice equipment. I am very impressed. Thank goodness I already had the Super-Sport membership. They also have bicycle parking near the front door for all of us locals that want a good warm up before we get there Go by and check it out.
  8. Since I have no idea where to start on this project, I thought I'd throw the question up on HAIF. I am looking at having two steel decks added to my townhouse in Midtown. One on the side of the house that will match the existing steel staircase and fencing & one on the roof. The one on the side of the house should be a relatively simple 2nd story deck to plan, but I want it made out of diamond plate steel and don't know who to even ask for estimates. The second deck will be a rooftop deck and will most likely require some strengthening to the current framing to support it. Does anyone have any suggestions for good contractors to discuss estimates for this work? Thank you in advance for any help or direction you can provide, David
  9. My understanding, from talking to the an owner in the area (3rd person as it is ), is that Post 3 will be going on the triangle shaped land between West Gray and Webster from the point they split up to the current Post Apartments. The rumblings I had heard was that they were waiting for the other new apartments to be completed and full before they broke ground. Who knows, I keep seeing some action around the property, so maybe they will bite the bullet anyway. I think everyone is waiting to see if the economy slumps in Houston too, althought I doubt that will happen as long as we have energy companies (but who knows). The interesting part, at least to me, about the property for Post 3 is that the lady who owns the white house at the corner of West Gray and Valentine (street names?) has refused to sell. I've heard whispers from a few developers that the offer was 1.7 million and she turned it down. I believe she is a member of the church across the street, is elderly and grew up there so she does not want to move. More power to her, I just hope her kids don't abuse the money they will inherit from it. The only bad part for her is that the land is going to be land-locked after Post 3 builds (heard they designed around it) and the property value goes down.
  10. Glad no one took any of the comments about the bar the wrong way... I don't care if they have a bar right there (I could stumble home easier). I do care if they have music blaring till 4 am. The guys that live in the row houses across the street on Genesse from me are all very nice and very respectful of everyone in the area (and it looks like they throw one hell of a party - need to get an invite some day). Across West Gray... now that's another story. At least most of the drug traffic stays on that side of the road and HPD is constantly in the area. Not to mention the constant drove of ambulances and fire trucks that head over their every night. At least I know the medical personel will know what area I am in if I ever have a problem But alas, it is what it is... As for Casa Di Modena, I'm glad it is still going forward. I thought they might be stalling with some of the recent economic concerns. I know Post has been waiting to break ground on Post 3 in the area until most of the new Apartments at Camden were filled (not sure how well their doing because I haven't looked).
  11. Sign is down, building is gone... I'm assuming it's dead for the time being. 1.5 million for that lot too - eeef Last I heard, the big issue for midrise buildings in the area was waiting on the city to install an upgraded sewer system, but that would involve tearing up some streets (old ones that still have the original brick under them) on the north side of West Gray. I'm getting all of this 2nd hand from the former owner of my townhouse on West Gray. He was very active in the Midtown area and attended many of the city council meetings, etc... that concerned West Gray, Webster and Bagby. He was one of the people instrumental in getting the Hispanic Beer Joint on the corner of Genessee and West Gray shut down and destroyed. I don't really remember it, but apparently it was a terrible eyesore and constant cause of problems in the area.
  12. All the gyms in the area are going to have great rates now with the 24hr Super Sport opening in June. With a swimming pool, basketball courts and all the other 24 hr options (plus access to other clubs) it'll be pretty hard to beat. The Super Sports also have towel service. May not sound like much to everyone, but I hate hauling around the extra towel, especially after it's gotten wet. Plus, it will be brand new - gotta love it Guess I can stop driving to Post Oak now.... although there are some seriously hot women at the Post Oak location (depending on the time you go - otherwise grandma may rape you - however she will be rich - lol)
  13. Personally, I'd rather mirror Manhatten or Brooklyn than Austin, but that's just me As for the traffic coming off the spur, you're right. People haul through there, I know because I love to take the corner past Calais onto Smith at a somewhat high speed... sorry for the noise Anyway, I've seen the city recently cracking down on this much as they did with the Dallas/Pierce exit off 45 South into Midtown. Their parking at the bottom of the hill and starting to hand out tickets, on both Louisiana and Smith now.
  14. Just in case no one else has posted it. I just got the following information from Crosspoint on the project: "We will have several bike racks on the first floor of the garage in a well lit area and encourage the neighborhood to use them. 24hr Fitness should open in June and we should hopefully have some restaurants come soon after. Thanks again. Matt" Many thanks to Matt for providing the information, and special thanks to Crosspoint for having some secure bicycle parking for the local residents. Gotta do my small part for the environment here and there Now if more businesses would have motorcycle parking to encourage their use I'd be ecstatic!
  15. Depending on price have him check out the open shop space under the Post Apartments on Gray near Bagby. It used to be dry cleaners, but it has high end clothing shopping directly across the street and this area has lots of foot traffic. David
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