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  1. glad to see a restaurant going in there. I drove by it everyday for 6 months. It looked like a rundown used car lot. They did some plywood repair work after the hurricane to make it look better. didn't work. Hickory Hollow, Pizzitola's and Beavers will have competition now.
  2. I doubt the clientele from the Villages and Voss area will trek to Katy for their mexican food fix.
  3. this was part of Toni Lawrence's push in making Long Point a major corridor. a few key intersections were going to get nicer improvements. the turning lanes will help get traffic through. Wirt is looking nicer now. hope the SuperMercado stays clean. maybe it will pick up some of the Fiesta business. not sure about the north side of Long Point..those neighborhoods are not improving.
  4. there is the Usual on TC Jester north of Washington. only "real" beer bar in the area.
  5. I know who is on the short-list and is who highly considered. those images are preliminary, probably a quick study model to get scale and proportion for the site.
  6. there is already one at Bunker Hill.. there will not be one at the Toys R Us
  7. Toys R Us is going to move by HEB (as posted on another link) A new Spec's is moving into front of the Home Depot. The old Spec's renewed the lease for another year. I was in there today and asked. it seems that Spec's wants to have a store on both sides of I-10.
  8. the signage has been removed from the one at I-10 and Bunker Hill. open for less than a year.
  9. that is good news. too bad I'm not working over there any more. and when did Chaise become Dubliner?? I've seen the Irish flags hanging outside about 3 months now.
  10. Spec's is opening down at the Home Depot/Starbucks between Wirt and Voss. I'm thinking its the same store relocating.
  11. missed out on the cat fight. I didn't know Reign Lounge was owned by Coco Loco. iiee chee waa waa!
  12. I probably know more than you do, so I won't take your bet. I see him here until the completion of the stadium.
  13. not real. I downloaded it and looked at in GoogleEarth. stadium has too many seats with too much additional offices/mixed-use. The Upper deck seats face the west/setting sun. there was a lot of time spent designing this plus the little pieces of advertising. probably a UH design project. the real stadium will be 24-27,000 seats with shed roofs. the field will be depressed to take advantage of sight-lines. and Ollie is not going anywhere.
  14. anybody seen the new Reign Lounge (4105 Washington) going in next to Daily Grind? http://reignlounge.com/location.php and what's the latest on Taps? I was told that the guy that owns Kobain's was putting this one in.
  15. the movie was on Starz last weekend. I happened to catch it when it was on. Can you believe that it has been 14 years since it was filmed?
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