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  1. Exactly. This type of thing only happens in Dallas. Thank goodness you don't let anyone forget how much you hate Dallas. It is really refeshing.
  2. Dallas Museum of Art Fair Park Crow Collection of Asian Art Stroll through Uptown/Turtle Creek Kimbell (Fort Worth) The Modern (Fort Worth) just a few that come to mind...
  3. ...Not to the chagrin of Dallas posters in this board.... It has been and always will be a controversial development, regardless of the status. It requires a ton of money period. Some say it's return will be worth and others do not.
  4. Like that last comment pal. Thanks for the photos.
  5. ^ Agreed. This behavior is not uniques to Dallas or LA. It may be more common, but not unique.
  6. Coog, somehow I knew you would be on this like stink on ____. lol
  7. This is not meant to start a war or a "See I told you so", but I thought some of you may like this. Coming soon.... http://www.30kmillionaires.com/
  8. Who knows? It could be rather unique or a total bust.
  9. I voted the Woodlands based on economics, but if I were moving to Houston with a family I'd choose Sugarland or Kingwood.
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