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  1. My wife and I recently visited the Air Terminal, and it was a great trip. I've got about 90 pictures up here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mrbill/sets/72157602033598909/ Some samples attached.
  2. Look west! We moved to Houston just a little over a year ago (from Austin) and found a neighborhood (Tanglewilde) that's perfect for us. Zip is 77063, it's near the intersection of Gessner and Westheimer. We got a great house, built in '57, for right around $150K. Plenty of amenities - tons of fast food places within a mile, walking distance to a Borders bookstore and a Randalls grocery store (with a Kroger a 2-3 minute drive away), etc. It's a nice safe neighborhood - I've never seen so many people out (even at late hours) walking their dogs or pushing their kids in strollers. The houses here aren't huge, but a few of them are most definitely mod. You can see pictures of ours at http://www.fiftieshouse.com. One of our neighbors just sold their house, and there are 2-3 more places for sale on our street and numerous homes available in the neghborhood. The Tanglewilde POA has a web site: http://www.tanglewildepoa.org/. However, membership is voluntary and not required.
  3. I got this in email from someone else who had a slightly different medallion: The Medallion Home Program was created as an adjunct to the famous GE-sponsored
  4. We paid a little more than we wanted to, but it's been more than worth it - I only work 2.5 miles down Westheimer, and we absolutely love the house. Great neighbors also.
  5. No idea if its still available, but I just emailed you.
  6. Tanglewilde. I'm near Westheimer/Gessner (77063).
  7. My wife and I recently relocated to Houston from Austin, and love it. We were lucky enough to find exactly what we were looking for in a home - a nice "fifties house" (built in 1958) that was updated enough for our needs. While going through the house after purchase, I came across a medallion screwed to the wall of the garage, and painted over. I got it off the wall and scrubbed it clean, giving the pictures you see. After a bit of research, I found the following: To keep demand high, the electrical industry launched the Live Better Electrically, or LBE, campaign in March 1956. It was supported nationwide by 300 electric utilities and 180 electrical manufacturers. The campaign got then-actor Ronald Reagan, the popular host of
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