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  1. You Can Go Home Again

    That slide bar comparison feature is one I've used quite a bit on the Historic Aerials site. Nice to see GoogleEarth offering it as a research tool.
  2. That name was The Eagle Drive-In. I mentioned it in a recent post about drive-ins. I don't think it lasted very long, 1950's to early sixties. Hurricane Carla may be to blame.
  3. Cinema Houston mentions the Parkway Drive-In at 7300 South Lake Houston Parkway (North Houston) "operated through the late seventies". p.223 I couldn't find anything on the Cedars.
  4. Old drive-in theater sites

    That's a tricky one to pinpoint. It's often confused with the Town & Country Drive-In, located at 4716 Red Bluff. If you use the approximate address of 3903 Red Bluff, it will get you in the general area of the Eagle. Its concession stand concrete foundation is behind and to the right of Amegy Bank. I verified this info. with my brother-in-law. He grew up in the area. The 1950's Eagle Drive-In had a large neon green eagle on the screen backside. The "I Grew Up in Pasadena, Tx" facebook group has quite a bit of info. on all of the Pasadena area theaters. FilioScotia is right, those aerial maps are amazingly detailed. Sometimes, you have to use both HistoricAerials and GoogleEarth to see the progression, through the years. Cinema Houston book mentions Town & Country, but not The Eagle Drive In.
  5. Alleyways in Dallas

    That is one of my favorite books. It utilizes Sanborn maps, diagrams, personal stories, and photos. The oral histories are so interesting. They recount a time when there was a whole blend of cultures in the Galveston alleyways, through the many plants, trees, music and food the workers brought with them. I recall one story of the fragrant air, the sandy path and the moonlight. If you are careful, you can see traces of alleys in some of the older Houston neighborhoods. Park Place, Riverside, and Pineview come to mind.
  6. Lawndale Apartments

    google: Cite 69 l OffCite - By The Wayside for info. on the Lawndale Village Apartments... p.30, 3rd paragraph. Architect/ developer was William Giddings Farrington. You can find his biography at - - interesting note - he would later develop Tanglewood. The sources mention the strong design of the yr.1944 apartment units, the war defense effort and Hughes Tool. The Lawndale Village Apartments were similar to the ones by the VA Hospital. He designed those, as well. Interesting, about the Redwood Apartments. It is a huge place. The redwood Wahoo Bar sat next to them, facing Lawndale Dr. I wouldn't be surprised if the apartments housed pilots and the families of WWII workers. And after WWII ended, there was a housing shortage. So, they could have had many uses.
  7. Home on 1766 Pasadena st

    I had high hopes that the old mansion would be fully restored. But the restoration stopped a while back. Scaffolding is still standing and a front window is open to the elements. One of the old topographic maps shows that the natural bayou was located closer to the house. You can see traces of it on old aerial maps.
  8. old car dealerships

    All I remember about auto dealerships growing up in the sixties is --- the HUGE Rocket neon sign on Gulf Freeway near Gulfgate (outbound), the auto import place with small cars and round glass showroom, on the Gulf Freeway (inbound, close to Prince's & Finger's) and the mcm auto showrooms on S. Richey (Pasadena).
  9. Hi NenaE, I came across a thread you participated in a few years back concerning J.J. Sweeney Jewelry Co. of Huston.

    Your post mentioned a large clock which stood outside of the store for a period of time. I thought I would add that I recently came across another clock related to the Sweeney store and thought other members and yourself might like seeing them. If you zoom in on the face you can see the store name on the face of the clock. The movement was made in France and is dated 1935. there is a circular stamp om the rear of the movement dated 1855. The last image id of the Sweeney store in the 1910's. I can find no reference to any "J.J. Sweeney Co." clocks on the internet.

    Ray Norwood





    1. NenaE


      Thank you for sharing these pics. Very interesting, especially the last b/w shot of the store's interior.

  10. I only remember the Patricia Manor Apartments (with those window unit a/c and 1950's cedar shingles) located near Ingrando Park, Plum Creek & Evergreen Dr. in the Southmayd subdivision area. Were they also named Patricia at the Gulfgate location? I would guess the Gulfgate area apartments were built about the same time as the Lawndale ones (by the cemetery). They were brick construction with small paned windows (1940's built?) that sometimes wrapped around the corner of the building. I always noticed the huge trees at the Gulfgate area apartments. Plum Creek was their water source, too bad they are gone. See the Aerial maps. A similar apartment complex to the Patricia sits around Telephone, before Park Place Blvd.
  11. Westheimer Flea Market @ 1731 Westheimer

    That old Spanish style laundry/ cleaners has always been a favorite of mine. I'm not too excited about that redevelopment rendering. IMO --- It will look like a new building, You know --- those new ones that are made to look old. I do admire some of those modern designs. I could easily live in one. But the grittiness of this old building makes it unique. Too bad it will lose that, with the changes, especially the facade's white paint. Why can't they move that bungalow?
  12. Near East End Mansions

    Telephone Rd. & Wheeler (yr. 1944 - b/w image & yr. 2011 - color image) source: GoogleEarth. The estate sat in the middle of these aerial photos. Follow the circle driveway up from bottom of photos. Palm trees sat near the estate entrance off of Wheeler. Recent (Year 2017) GoogleEarth image shows a park on the land, with a soccer field (guessing) at the location of the previous residential foundation. Note that I have rotated the photos, house would have faced east.
  13. McGowen Cleaners @ 1931 Fairview

    nice MCM commercial building and sign, did sev-fiv/ arch-ive document that?
  14. Sage Store

    Hi Manny. I didn't grow up in that neighborhood, but I'm from the area. Do you have any idea who Maguaritte Ray was? That particular section of Meadowbrook was originally called Sam Houston Gardens, and was linked to government housing, and the military. I find it very interesting.
  15. Scenes from Inside a Houston Zombie Mall

    Nice photographs. The Foley's in Pasadena had a train engine with cars that kids could climb on and through. It was the size of a miniature train, positioned in the middle of the children's shoe section, not on a wall. I vaguely recall yellow and orange colors of the early seventies. I remember carpeted rail steps, as well.