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  1. We went to Tradewinds and won actual Silver Dollars for different skating games. Used to have lots of fun roller skating there, getting snacks, talking with friends and hanging out. Anybody else have memories of going there?
  2. Does anyone know where the archives or files of the old Houston Press Newspapers are located?? If I remember correctly, didn't the Chronicle buy them out---in 1964??? Online files for the Chronicle doesn't go back far enough for what I am researching about-- before the 1950's.
  3. I have them on LP, and they are on CD's---also the singles they released are on one of their cds. Check out the Rob Landes webpage. He was the organist for Fever Tree. http://www.roblandes.com/?section=home
  4. I remember going there. It had pony rides and also some trampolines set into the ground. I remember the red/white tent and I think it was Playland Park... but I could be wrong on the name. I think it was just north of Pinemont????....it had lots of trees if I remember correctly.
  5. They are stating they are working with the police department and have their co-operation. And the first words out of their lips......"We are NOT selling anything", the guy insisted to speak with the home owner even after I told him we were not interested in buying !!! Once he got in the door he started with they need to verify who the home owner was and that (specific ) neighbor gave us your name, and just had the system installed( the installer is in the neighborhood and can set up in about an hour after you sign up). ...well let's say ....he was very good at his sales pitch.
  6. Went by there this morning and took this photo. Looks like it will just be a credit union building. http://i119.photobucket.com/albums/o135/Wh...rdoakforest.jpg
  7. Thanks for all the replies, and was just wondering ---why it would have 2 doors on the front side of the house??
  8. Found this old house and took some photos and was wondering any experts on the forum could estimate the year this one was built. It has a upper window on the one side that I could see, so it looks to me like a 2 story structure.
  9. I remember that the Mall was from Sears to where Wards used to be( before Wards was built) That was all the mall. Wards was built and then they added the automotive center next to Wards. Then they made the mall into a "T" shape in the early 70's, and there was a Coin Shop on the right side almost to the end of the "T". They lengthened the "T" and had a food court at the end on another "T" and there was a Game place there also.This was in the mid to late 80's. Then they started a real remodel and adding stores to the west side of the mall. And on the east side of the mall some new stores came in and took up lots of the old parking lot areas.
  10. I also have the "Mutiny" book, and another book about Memorial Park, which has a chapter about the riots, but no pictures, just a map of the march route. I also have been searching and have not found any source or any of the pictures, for this event. Maybe the guy who made the Buffalo Soldier video, Mike Kaliski ,or the media website who hosted the making of the video, bauhausmedia dot com would know ??? The producer must have found the pictures somewhere, to insert into the video.
  11. Up until the early 1960's, you could rent a horse to go riding on the trails, through Memorial Park( before mountain bikes were popular), and I believe the stables were taken over by the Police Dept.afterwards, for their horses. Just a thought on the water/tank building.. if the water tower is newer than the Camp, why would someone have built it,after Camp Logan, in an area that the owner had given the land to the city, that would strickly be used as park area built in 1925?? Whitesman
  12. CampLogan1917, I did some extra searching on the riot, and remembered reading, that blacks were called "Buffalo Soldiers", so I Googled "Buffalo Soldier Mutiny" and some good hits came up. One even has a short film made of the riot, by Mike Kaliski, and you can download the film for about 10 dollars. "Buffalo Soldier Mutiny" on the following website: www dot zipidee dot com
  13. The marker is at Arnot and Haskell in a small section between the streets.
  14. The road was used for the archery range and right after the archery range is a bigger clearing where a car could turn around and go back up the one lane dirt/crushed shell road. There is one or two picnic tables left from the archery range days and you can find parts, and full arrows all over that area.Parts of the where you stood to shoot the arrows( like the gun shooting practice stalls you see on TV) and the target holders are still in the woods. There is a pathway that goes in front of the structure , but has been overgrown with brush for many years.
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