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  1. downtown magazine (spring 2009) says the '19 story' embassy suites will breakground in April.
  2. I've never used the bus except to go to/from Austin a few times. I'm not really sure why but I'll look into it. Do you like it?
  3. haha ya METRO never stretches the truth... Looks like I'm going to have to do a lot more walking if I want to go to new places without having to use a car...
  4. So I was taking a run downtown after work and on my way back down Main I saw a guy getting out of truck with LRT on it. I asked him a few questions and got some insight. I'm not sure if it is anything that you guys don't already know. First the funding isn't going to slow down the rail because he stated most of the funding was already in place. The east line (rippin up pavement, actual construction) is going to start in about 6 months according to him due to the fact that they are still working out moving the power lines. Once they get the issues of the power lines figured out, they are going
  5. Anyone here anything about the timeline for the rails since the $92 million stimulus amount was revealed?
  6. haha i guess but I desire a more walkable city so I walk when I can... I think Houstonians are so use to driving everywhere that walking just seems abnormal as stated by you. I don't think people from any other major city in the US would think a walk from the rail to the Toyota center is far. Last, you got me on the Kayak, Metro won't allow it. You should try it for everything else though...
  7. I live two blocks from the red line in Midtown and I use it about twice a week to check out some really nice areas of Houston. It's great to hit up bars/clubs on main street, Houston Pavilions, Discovery Green, Angelica Thearter downtown, Museums, Hermann Park, Allan's Landing when they have boat rides, Toyota Center, Minutemaid, I even walked to Rice Village from the Med Center stop (although it took about 15 minutes) etc... It's also good if you want to take some pictures and stumble along places you have never seen before while walking to/from the train line. I really can't wait for all
  8. This a great find! Thanks for the update. I think the rail lines will really change Houston and put it closer to Chicago, NY, and LA... The lines will spur more development at a faster pace I'm sure.
  9. I'm just repeating what she said... She seemed really sure of it too. Maybe it's because they are going ahead with developing the space/infrastructure for the grocery store so that there won't be much the client has to do with the place once they sign on... Anyways, I kind of agree that it seems a little quick to happen that early
  10. So I checked out OPP over the weekend (the A floor plan) and they are all leased up until the 17th floor. They lady also said that the entire building is about 30 percent leased so far which is pretty good. She also confirmed that there will be a specialty grocery store (central market, whole foods) that will likely open up by about April which is when the pool area will open up too. The building really looks amazing and I think it will be a huge hit downtown... too bad it's more expensive the higher up the apartment is, I guess I looked too late.
  11. Excellent. Although, it looks like the east end line can't tie into the red line until the southeast line is built too... Is that right? Do you know if the southeast line has started construction yet too? Hopefully we get another line up and running by late 2009 or the beginning of 2010.
  12. Great, thanks for the reply. If anyone has any inside info on the timeline for each stage in opening the rail lines I would love to know. Maybe someone can ask during the meto online chat if they get a chance...
  13. I was thinking that lucky stike along with HOB were going to be the two major things that will really make Houston Pavilions a huge success... damn. I guess the wine bars will be the next best thing after HOB.
  14. I was wondering if it was possible for each of the lines to open individually once each one is complete or do we have to wait till 2012 to be able to ride any new of the new 4 proposed rail lines ???
  15. me too, a little frustrating
  16. Turbines... why not? I think it will be badass to boast something different in our city. We all know this city was built on oil money so it's nice that they are using wind turbines.... Houston is badass and the discovery green park is nicer than I expected!
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