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  1. According to Quincy Allen, Texas Department of Transportation Houston District engineer, "We hope to be driving on [F1 and F2] the first week of February [2016]." Anyone tried to see if it has been opened?
  2. Somebody tell me how to get this silly new link system to work and I'd give you several links to articles, ugh! In the meantime, you can find several updates as of the end of December online. YourClevelandNews.com has an update posted Dec. 31 since you are interested in the Porter/New Caney area, but the information coming out right now is basically the same for all areas...too much rain during May and June has pushed back completion until the 1st Quarter of 2016.
  3. Preferred Zoning Draft as announced on Dec 14 is on the Klein ISD website and an email link for your comments. Yet again HAIF toolbar is not working for me. Hopefully the link below works. http://www.kleinisd.net/users/0063/docs/Zoning/HS%20Preferred%20Draft.pdf
  4. HS #5 name, mascot and color RUMOR. Consider this just for fun because I have zero confirmation of what was being tossed around while voting yesterday. Apparently this is what the kids are hearing at Doerre and Ulrich. But for some reason I thought the kids get to vote on mascot and color??? Klein Cain Cardinals (Crimson and Gold) *Cain = Dr. Jim Cain is retiring and the district wants to honor him *Cardinals = We have three cats in the district and only one bird (Bearkats, Tigers, Panthers, Eagles) and there are no other schools close by with this mascot. *Crimson and Gold = All other KISD high schools have gold as their secondary colors while Blue, Navy, Black as their primary. Maybe colors like San Francisco 49ers, Boston College, or Florida State?
  5. There are two more scheduled meetings which are open to the public and they hold repeat sessions in the evenings. November 10: 1-2:30 PM & 6-7:30 PM December 1: 1-2:30 PM & 6-7:30 PM Based on the two Options provided during the first meeting it appears there is very little difference between Option 1 and Option 2. As for the old KHS neighborhoods moving to HS#5 the general boundaries seem to be these: North = Spring Cypress South = Louetta West = District border East = Drainage ditch approximately three blocks west of Champion Forest
  6. KISD update for HS #5 Zoning is up on the district website. I cannot get the HAIF "link" to cooperate so I've typed it out below, hopefully it works. On the district webpage there are several links to the left that will give you more information. http://www.kleinisd.net/default.aspx?name=hszoning.home
  7. Now that we can see the dirt being pushed around, and the Bond has passed, any information about Zoning? What about expanding Spring-Cypress?
  8. I assume most have heard the news but just in case here is some information and images. The next question would be zoning?? "Nearly six years after initially considering designs for the district’s fifth high school, the Klein ISD board of trustees approved a new design June 9 for High School No. 5, which is planned for completion in August 2017." http://impactnews.com/houston-metro/spring--klein/klein-isd-approves-design-for-high-school-no.-5/
  9. I noticed the hanging sign a little too late as I was driving by and I'm somewhat sure it said "Vuelve A La Vida".
  10. Word-of-mouth....Newmark is building 125 homes to connect through a sublet into Memorial Springs.
  11. This is pretty impressive and I'm glad they are proactive in getting information out to the area. http://www.grandparkway99.com/
  12. Any information about the land being cleared on Spring-Cypress across the road from Ulrich Internediate?
  13. I thought the same thing you did...Grand Parkway construction yard. If you get on Google Maps and zoom in close enough, but not too close, you can see the Grand Parkway mapped right behind this 'yard' and the KISD Center.
  14. There's not a lot of new information here, but the announcement of a "new website in May to keep the community informed" is a good sign. Here's a few other tidbits: "Plans call for the roadway to run under 2920, so it won’t interfere with the Hooks Airport entrance, said Gornet." "The major concerns will (be) major cross streets such as Kuykendahl. Hildebrandt would be the only possible long term road closure. Hildebrandt is a key road for the district, he said. We would need to work on duration and timing for that if we decide we need a long-term closure.” “We’re looking to start construction in the next 2-3 months,” he said. “Most of the early construction you’ll see will center around U.S. 290, I-45 and Highway 59.” http://www.yourhoustonnews.com/magnolia/news/klein-community-prepares-for-grand-parkway/article_b34df1ec-a4d8-11e2-9cdd-001a4bcf887a.html
  15. My understanding is that the property for KISD High School #5 is on the same side of Spring-Cypress as Ulrich (what could be considered the south side of Spring-Cypress). Cutten will split Ulrich and HS#5. Ulrich will be on the east side of Cutten and HS#5 will be on the west side of Cutten, as Cutten connects with Spring-Cypress. HS#5 will be somewhat next to the ditch and disc golf course of Windwood Pres as well. The property on the north side of Spring-Cypress (across the street from Ulrich and HS#5) is what I believe trafficengineer is questioning.
  16. Following Muralpainter's use of Google Maps in the Woodtrace thread, you can see the Grand Parkway interchange at 249 and follow the yellow lines in either direction. http://maps.google.com/?ll=30.051934,-95.6119&spn=0.006352,0.011244&t=h&z=17
  17. Posted: Thursday, January 31, 2013 6:00 pm Grand Parkway Association gives route update at recent chamber meeting By Cory Stottlemyer Houston Community Newspapers "The Grand Parkway Association Executive Director David Gornet updated the Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce on the parkway’s progress at a special breakfast Wednesday....." "....Construction will begin in April on three sections on the north side of Houston (F-1, F-2, G) stretching from 290 to US 59 North and is expected to be open to traffic by December 2015. The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) will sell bonds in March of this year for these sections."
  18. http://impactnews.com/articles/improvements-to-hwy.-249-and-beltway-8-interchange-slated-for-2013/ Final designs on an estimated $11.8 million direct connector between Hwy. 249 south and Beltway 8 west is on track to begin in late 2013 or early 2014. The project—part of the Harris County Toll Road Authority’s capital improvement plan—is scheduled to be completed in 2015 and is entirely funded by HCTRA, according to Patti Evans, communications manager. While only about $17,000 of the nearly $500,000 in engineering costs has been provided as of January, the Texas Department of Transportation expects the project to be fully funded by the end of October. “Currently, southbound Hwy. 249 [traffic] wishing to enter the westbound tollway must exit to the Hwy. 249 frontage road, turn at the signaled intersection and enter [beltway 8] via a tolled entrance ramp,” Evans said. “We are in the final design stage of the project, and expect design to be complete this summer.” The direct connector will be tolled to provide direct access between southbound Hwy. 249 and westbound Beltway 8, allowing motorists to bypass tolled entrance ramps, Evans said. Since the project will tie in with the state highway system, TxDOT will be involved with specific design and environmental documentation reviews, according to Raquelle Lewis, TxDOT public information officer.
  19. 05.03.2012 Txdot publishes grand parkway request for proposals on segments F1, f2 and g A final Request for proposals for Segments F1, F2, and G were published by TxDOT on May 3, 2012. Five teams have been shortlisted on the design/build project. Timeline for Segments F1, F2, and G Proposals are due August, 2012 Conditional Contract Award is set for September, 2012 A TxDOT Bond Sale is scheduled for October, 2012 Contract signing is scheduled for December, 2012 Construction begins January, 2012 Open to traffic July, 2015 Request for Proposals (docs and many links to more info): http://www.gpprocurement.com/gprfp.aspx Toll Configuration (traffic and revenue): http://www.gpprocurement.com/page132803033.aspx
  20. I'm guessing you weren't very good at word problems in school. Or I was poor in communication. If you read the information on TxDot, they state the time/speed from Hempstead Station to Houston Station is 65 minutes at 50 mph. And I'm asking, who is this helping? If a person lives around Hempstead and we assume, just because we can assume things in life for fun, a 5 to 15 minute drive from this persons house to the Hempstead Station. Then we assume, once this person arrives at the Houston Station, he/she travels 5 to 15 minutes to their place of work. The result is a 75 to 95 minute commute from home to work (twice per day because they have to then travel back home). I guess I'm missing the point of this rail system as far as helping people and eliminating traffic, when this doesn't seem like a benefit to me. Not saying I'm right, just wondering out loud.
  21. 65 minutes @ 50 mph from Hempstead to Houston, really? Add 5-15 minutes to drive from your home to the station in Hempstead. Add 5-15 minutes to somehow get to work from station in Houston. How is 75-95 minutes helping anyone...and then do it twice per day?
  22. http://www.grandpky.com/downloads/segment_f2/SH99-Seg%20F-2%20signed%20ROD%2012-31-2009.pdf This is the "Record of Decision" from 2009 and I believe is the most updated information available. The "Selected Alternative" shows it replacing Boudreaux all the way to 2920. If I remember correctly, there will be 4 lanes with 70 mph allowance. Frontage roads will be from 249 to future Boudreaux, from Gleannloch Forest to somewhere past 2920, and the somewhere near I45 and Sawmill.
  23. Thanks for all the responses. I have added all your suggestions to my list. The other two companies that seem to be spoken about are Liquid Extreme and Paragon Pools. Does anyone have thoughts on either of these? Thanks again!
  24. This is one purchase that I am very afraid to make the move on because I have watched my neighbors live through the ugliest side of building a pool. I would appreciate any input, suggestions, concerns, photos, designs...anything you have to offer to help me (and others) make the proper decision. Thanks in advance!
  25. From the Budget Information FAQ on KISD website: 23. Q. What does the deficit mean for the construction of High School #5? A. Nothing at this time. High School #5 is currently scheduled to open in 2019.
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