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  1. District 8 5A-Div I

    College Station

    Caney Creek



    Magnolia West





    District 14 6A



    Cy Lakes

    Cy Park

    Cy Ranch

    Cy Springs

    Cy Woods

    Langham Creek

    Tomball Memorial


    District 15 6A


    Oak Ridge


    College Park


    Klein Cain

    Klein Collins

    Klein Forest

    Klein Oak



  2. My understanding is they did not pay their liquor license and couldn't keep up with the lease payments.  One thing leads to another and Exxon shuts the place down.  I believe Exxon is still interested in someone to lease the location.


    Denny's tried to shrink the menu with just the basics but couldn't generate enough revenue.


    I don't have facts beyond that on the Exxon, but locals that I know have often talked about questionable sells practices, expired goods, improper temperature controls, pump equipment problems, and I speak from experience that it was one of the dirtiest places I have ever been in.

  3. 9 hours ago, IronTiger said:

    Fun fact: many years before my time, my junior high school's mascot name was the Kittens, and not just the cheerleaders, the football team!




    Yeah, I know it's not a high school mascot per se, but no one would be caught dead with these sorts of names today.

    I love the roster and pictures, thanks for sharing.  The weight of the boys is interesting and the Yell Leaders is classic. 

  4. 2 hours ago, IronTiger said:

    The only teams that would have anything to fear would be terms related to ethnic groups or slurs (Cotton Pickers, Arabs, Coons, Redskins, etc.)


    Animals won't have that problem unless we get to a point where certain types of people are saying "Your 'Wally the Wolf' mascot is offensive to me and my fellow wolfkin, please change it or we sue," and at that point, then we've got bigger problems.


    I'm not saying they should pick something as wacky as possible to screw with the "mascot establishment" ("Fight! Bite! Don't play nice! [something] High School Pubic Lice!") but all of the "stock" choices just seem so overused.

    I agree.  Where's a good minor league baseball mascot when you need one?


    This is why I would like for them to pick Hurricanes with Purple.  It's the most non-stock out of the choices.  But then you have to deal with the Cain Canes and the dance squad being the Cain Candy Canes.  Unless the mascot is a giant purple Candy Cane carrying a Big Ass Fan to provide gale force winds...then we're talking!!!

  5. 8 hours ago, IronTiger said:

    Ignoring any meme magic, why can't people pick actually interesting mascot names? Seems like there's a limited number of "stock mascot names" with the only unusual ones occurring in small Texas towns (Kangaroos, Hornets, Unicorns, Sand Crabs, etc.)


    Is it just a matter of "We can't get a mascot costume for it"?

    What was explained to me by several administrators during the construction of new high schools for Tomball and Cy-Fair was the "cost-to-create and maintain."  In their research, they found it easier to consistently reproduce basic colors and basic mascots over time (uniforms, paint, logos, letterhead, etc).  Also, one individual involved in the Tomball Memorial development called these generic choices the "fear of lawsuits from the politically correct."


    Honestly, you can point your finger in any direction as to why.  I don't think many of the kids knew they were going to be given an opportunity to vote.  I truly believe if the kids in all these intermediate schools knew, they could have started a bigger movement for the Gorillas (#harambe) and that would have been awesome.

  6. Update: @vsbcade was partially correct.


    Three options for mascot and colors.  These were presented to all future Cain freshman at the appropriate intermediate schools. The kids were allowed to vote. A heavy write-in vote for Gorillas was also occurring it seems.


    Mascot choices:





    Color choices:

    Crimson/Yellow/White (Washington Redskins)

    Purple/Silver/Black/White (Baltimore Ravens)

    Navy/Orange/White (Denver Broncos)

  7. Apparently there are small student focus groups at all schools filtering into Cain. These groups were shown three colors and three mascots for their opinions. Students will not pick color and mascot, but these small focus groups may help influence the final choice.

  8. High School #5 will be named at the Aug. 8 Board meeting.


    For those of you riding the recent rumor train of Cain Memorial High School, it was mentioned that there is a bylaw which makes the name Klein mandatory for all high schools.  I have no idea if that is correct or not.  Either way, we will find out soon.

  9. Experimented this morning to get to an office building two blocks from Minute Maid.  This is not my normal destination.


    Beginning at the 249 & 99 crossway at 6:04am.  Went 99 towards The Woodlands.  Exited I45 South from 99 but DID NOT fully go I45 South.  You can stay in the middle lane of the feeder when you exit 99 going towards I45 South, cross over I45, turn north as if going to The Woodlands while staying on the feeder, pass by Spring Carpets on the feeder, and do somewhat of a U-turn back towards Hardy toll road, enter the Hardy toll road and make your way into downtown using Hardy Street.  Reached my destination at 6:47am.


    I also learned yesterday that it is a cluster trying to backtrack this type of path from downtown.  I do not think 99 is of current value for anyone trying to go north on 45 or Hardy in order to connect 99 west towards Tomball or Cypress.  It seems the old Beltway 8 to 249 or 290 is the still the best possible option.

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