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  1. Here is a link to a rendering of the new Embassy Suites planned for Hughes Landing: http://www.arch-con.com/hospitality/embassy-suites/
  2. Following are a couple of links for some recent development news in The Woodlands: A new apartment complex in Town Center... http://www.thewoodlands.net/npps/story.cfm?ID=3376 They are finally breaking ground on the Avia Hotel addition to the Market Street Development... http://www.thewoodlands.net/npps/story.cfm?ID=3351 In addition, I have seen some press regarding a new senior living facility slated to be going in on the parcel of land that was originally going to be "The Sterling" project that fell through...the location is the northwest corner of Grogan's Mill and The Waterway.
  3. lockmat...much of the Market Street project has already been done which includes the 400k of retail and 100k of office space...the Avia Hotel and retail underneath will actually be the final piece of the development... also, regarding the larger 250 room hotel overlooking Waterway Square...last I heard they are planning on starting on this in 2009 at the earliest
  4. the following link goes to renderings and a description of the Avia Hotel which is set to break ground this month on the last undeveloped parcel within the Market Street development in The Woodlands: http://www.lodgeworks.com/lwcs/hotels_thewoodlands.asp
  5. The area they are discussing for location is the southwest corner of Timberloch and the Waterway...this is directly across the Waterway from the Town Center garage which is connected via skywalk to the Marriott Hotel...the parcel was originally slated for an indoor performance venue affiliated with the outdoor Pavilion but that idea was scratched some time ago
  6. If you guys are referring to the project adjacent to the existing Chase/Tetra building close to Rayford/Sawdust and the south bound feeder intersection...this new structure is being built by Tetra Technologies the current primary tenant of the aforementioned building...they have owned the land for some time and are now building on it and, once complete, will occupy the new building in it's entirety...at least that's the plan at this point
  7. I am fairly certain that 4 Waterway Square will on the parcel located directly across the Waterway (on the North side of the Waterway) from One Waterway Plaza which is where the Huntsman offices are located...this parcel along with the parcel immediately North of it are master planned for office buildings... Regarding the proposed Hotel and Condo tower...4 Waterway Square shouldn't have any impact on these two projects as the hotel is slated for the parcel immediately to the West of the 4 Waterway Square parcel and the Condo tower/parking garage is planned for the parcel to the Northwest of the 4 Waterway Square parcel...
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