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  1. Exactly. I am not concerned about what people say, but what they do. That is why I posted. Some of the posts I read were pretty bad, and I wanted to make sure that the vibes I was feeling from the message boards were not the prevailing behavior in the neighborhoods.
  2. Okay calm down. It appears you may have misunderstood my original post. I was asking if I would face any prejudice out here because I am: a) non-Caucasian African-American c) from an poorer background When I read posts of the area, all I see are people bashing the people that have moved to North Houston/Spring/Klein, saying they are the reason the area is on the decline (I personally don't feel the area is on the decline). I don't want to be the object of their frustration, especially since I would be moving to the area with two tween age children. I don't want my nephews being treated badly because people are prejudiced. So my post was not to bash anyone, I was simply asking if I would face any problems in the area since I do not share a similar background of people originally lived in the area. I am currently looking at a homes in Greenwood Forest and the surrounding subdivisions.
  3. Well I have read some of the posts and that is where my concern is coming from. I didn't read the posts as bashing the area as much as bashing the upstarts who have moved there and are now (supposedly) ruining the area.
  4. Hello, all. This is my first post on the forum. I am thinking of moving to the Klein area. However after reading some of your posts, I am concerned about how my family and I would be treated if we moved to the area. I am an african-american female, in my early thirties, college educated and currently work in the natural gas industry. However grew up in a very low income neighborhood in the northeast side of Houston (think Northline area). I feel if I moved to the area, my family would be viewed as everything that is currently going wrong in the area. And we would only be continuing to bring these "once-great" neighborhoods down. I don't really care what people may think; but I am concerned about how people would treat us. Not really me, but since my sister and my two tweenage nephews are moving with me, I am concerned about how the children would be treated. I have been the object of prejudice in the past and it is not an experience that I welcome upon them. I am looking for an intelligent discussion, not an argument. I just want some inside information from current residents. Thanks!
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