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  1. Certainly TheNiche, I am Irish, Italian, Jewish and African American so we can relate my husband is Italian, Pawmunkey Indian, Bajan, and African so we to have had our fair share I am what is considered a red bone if you will and he is the same complezion as Denzel Washington! I understand and agree that Character can be born out of conflict but we would never choose to put our children through that as we know they will go through that regardless later on in life. Well all the racist things for us in our lives have become worse now as opposed to when we grew up. We have had our cars spray painted on, our porch left with dead animals in shoe , hate notes left on our desks at work, we hear niggah lover, go back to Africa, my husband hears things like "boy" and whitey lover. It is just never ending we never heard anything like this until I would honestly say 2005 and it just gets worse it seems i've had elderly Caucasian women push their shopping carts almost right through me as if I wasn't there and little children as small as 2 say blacky to my husband and their mothers and fathers just hush them along while making sure to give me the eye or whatever you want to call it. And yes we have been passed over for jobs both he and I and have gone to the EEOC about it and filed complaints with proof. That felt good but did not change or help the situation. We deal with it in our own way without being hateful or spiteful and believe me we know in this country no matter what our racial makeup is with one ounce of African American in us we are Black in americas eyes. We may look like an interracial couple when you see us but like I said we have a mixed background. Even though we choose to celebrate our mixed heritage proudly!
  2. Well TheNiche, I'm an 70's and 80's baby and I learned all to well in NY how to get along with every race I grew up with chinese, koreans, phillipines, italians, jamaicans, puerto ricans, haitians, dominicans, japanese, caucasians, equadorians, brazilians, panamanians, bajans, venezualans, africans, west indians, irish, jewish, and much much more and none of us hated or disrespected each other in every borough throughout NY it just did not happen! I wish I could give my children the same wonderful fun filled marvelous easy going carefree childhood I had where everyone got along and played and just enjoyed life, but that time is over and now we must choose between hatred/racism/discrimination of all kinds in every way imagineable and it is different for each race we all go through different experiences. For instance a simple trip to any random grocery store for me will be a different experience you. Just as going to a job interview will be. That is how life is. My whole life I have been hearing that history repeats itself well TheNiche that seems to be true because what happened during my great grandmothers childhood seems to be happening today.
  3. Hello CEugh, I guess you won't if you don't already. As I posted earlier it is the atmosphere I grew up in diverse well mixed and we want that for our children as well. We don't like segregated neighborhoods by no means. It is not about FEELING anything it is about what's best for us. I have lived with people similar to me my whole life and will continue to do so for the remainder. It is about what's best for our children right now this world is a much worse place than when we were children that is painfully obvious decisions need to be carefully made now! Thanks for asking!
  4. Hello Danax, I am used to a diversed mixed race upscale neighborhood and prefer that for my children. I know it may not be perfectly mixed that way in Houston. I wanted people to direct me to those closest to it. What we do not want as their parents is putting them in a KNOWINGLY racist/hate school district where they will be discriminated against just because of their race. Those neighborhoods are easy to find and that's why I asked the question the way I did and as I expected it was sugar coated however Katiedidit gave me the most honest of all the responses even using information from the internet. See some of us can not just move where we like without having to think about our children first I would think ALL of us would know that by now but I guess there are still people among us who think the world is a fantasy and that anyone can just move wherever without a care well those people end up hurt or dead and as parents we will not chance that. Thank you Katiedidit! I will check out those schools/areas I appreciate the info. Thank you JJvilla I will check out that school and are as well. I appreciate it.
  5. Hello Musicman, My son is 14 and my daughter is 6.
  6. Hello TheNiche, My children do not have problems I am just emphasizing a need for teachers who care and not so much on programs offered because many school districts have programs that are never offered to parents when in need. Can you tell me of any areas in particular that you know of that are the most diverse? We work from home I guess I should have specified that. I just do not like traffic jams at any given time or day. Well I have heard horror stories on many forums about school districts in Houston so I want to make sure we go with the best one. I appreciate your response. Hello Musicman, Are there any areas that you know of that are the most diverse?
  7. Can you all give me your opinions of areas/suburbs/subdivisions in Houston are culturally diverse that have a good mixture of Koreans, African Americans, Asians, Indians, Caucasians, Hispanics and other races. I have heard goo things about sugarland, humble, aldine, cypress, woodlands, the heights, spring, and noone gives specific reasons (good caring neighbors, clean neigborhood streets, decent jobs, shorter commute time, teachers that care, lower crime rates, no noisy passers thru etc...) I do not want to move to an area that is 70% or more of any one race. Please guide me in the direction of as many neighborhoods that have a good mixture like 20/20/20/20/20 out of 100%. I have a family and we do not want to move somewhere that may not want any specific race there and cause my family to feel uncomfortable with our neighbors and/or classmates. I want a school district that is known for helping their students excel even if the children have NO MOTIVATION at all. I hope this is not to much to ask but all the boards online seem to beat around the bush and noone really speaks their mind. Please be honest I really appreciate it. Thank you
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