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  1. I know this question has probably been answered but are they building every building in the renderings or in phases?
  2. It's not that bad I kinda like the new interchange 🤔
  3. Well at least Bowen will block a portion of it from some angles lol 😂
  4. Wow I'm hardly in the Heights at all. I had to do a double take it didn't look like The Heights 😂 lol
  5. That was the first area I moved to when I moved to the Houston area it was nothing out there.
  6. I got a chance to ride the blimp last year it was cool experience.
  7. This building has a really cool street presence it looks good!
  8. I bought my moon phase art piece from there 😏
  9. Nice! That part of downtown needs some love!
  10. Just wait until they eventually redevelop those strip centers!
  11. I know I always ask this question. But do you think it will be visible from 59? 👀
  12. I wish Midway could by the strip centers and dealership to the west if them.
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