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  1. Maybe they're shutting down central that's pretty close.
  2. I was walking on Edgewood in Atlanta some months back and guess what there was a pole in the middle of the sidewalk 😏
  3. I didn't get on this site until 2005 officially I was following all that action on Clutch City/Clutch fans if those idiots wouldn't have took away my account back in the day at Clutch City I probably would have been a 20 year member Lol
  4. I stumbled across the site back in 2004 right before moving from Victoria to Houston.
  5. They need to pull their Mercedes Benz franchise too! 🤦🏽‍♂️
  6. Don't forget the new 610 southbound in the Galleria area to 59 north.
  7. They're gonna make a killing in this location.
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