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  1. Does anyone think the exterior of the GRB will be dramatically changed?
  2. I think it's the 59 trenching because they were drilling on 59 where it inclines yesterday as well.
  3. kennyc05

    Randall Davis Condo 3723 Westheimer Road

    I got my sh** in there lol jk 🤷🏽‍♂️ 😂😂😂
  4. That sucks I always doordash McAllister's 😭😭😭
  5. kennyc05

    Novel River Oaks at Willowick & Westheimer

    Which side is facing Westheimer?
  6. kennyc05

    610 West Loop Express Lanes

    Does anyone think the express will get canceled?
  7. I just passed by there too! Lol 😁
  8. kennyc05

    Tony Buzbee's bid for mayor

    Neither!!! lol
  9. kennyc05

    NHL In Houston?

    Let's go Houston Aeros!!!
  10. kennyc05

    Camden Conte: 21-Stories x2 (2 Phases) - Downtown

    What would make them sit on property!!!
  11. Its gonna be a really cool drive driving through those tunnels once they're done!
  12. kennyc05

    Metro Next - 2040 Vision

    I'm confused does Metro have a new logo?