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  1. It turns out that the photos that were uploaded for the home at 11 N. Mossrock show a nicely updated interior -- not shabby at all. New SS appliances, including a SS fridge, and some new lighting. Yesterday (3/13/12) its price was reduced to $174,900. Did you ever go and take a look at it?
  2. Gigijen22, The house at 2 Shallow Pond Place is too small for you, you said (it has 2129 sq. ft.). Well, I have a new possibility for you. This past week a Life Forms home at 11 North Mossrock Rd. came on the market; the listing says it's at 11 Mossrock Rd., which is incorrect. It's in the heart of Grogan's Mill. This one has 2601 sq. ft., so it's quite a bit larger. The lot is also larger, at 7480 sq. ft. The asking price is $179,900, or just $9200 more than the one on Shallow Pond. Unfortunately the agent hasn't posted a single picture of this new listing, but you can get a very good look at the front of the house with Google maps' street view. With that low of an asking price, I suspect that the inside hasn't been updated at all, but it's in a great location. See it at http://search.har.com/engine/dispSearch.cfm?mlnum=14366867 Andrea
  3. Yesterday evening the article below announced that they are finally going to open a store in The Woodlands -- NOT in the former Alabama Theater, inside Loop 610, as was rumored before. http://blog.chron.co...-the-woodlands/ The grocery chain spokeswoman confirmed that in spring 2012, they will open a store in the new Woodlands Crossing Shopping Center, located at the SE corner of Woodlands Parkway and Kuykendahl Rd. On opposite corners of that intersection are HEB and Kroger stores. The only other store Trader Joe’s is opening in Texas will be in Ft. Worth. You can find out more about the Woodlands Crossing Shopping Center (including maps) at http://www.realmreal.../woodlands2.htm. I am very, very familiar with the chain because they have a huge presence in California, where I used to live. Their prices are very reasonable – this is not a Whole Foods kind of place. For example, Trader Joe’s is home of “Two Buck Chuck” wines. You can find out more about the stores at http://www.traderjoes.com.
  4. What I read elsewhere is that they shut down their business around 2005, after they got hit with several lawsuits relating to their use of EIFS (artificial stucco). They felt they just couldn't survive with the expense of so many lawsuits facing them. I imagine that a lot of homeowners who chose EIFS probably ended up replacing the siding with real, hard-coat stucco at their own expense. But Life Forms wasn't the only builder this happened to: many others across the country also used EIFS and had subsequent warranty problems. Andrea
  5. There are probably even more Life Forms homes for sale currently. As far as I know, that builder built homes only in The Woodlands. They shut down their business a lot later than the 1980s, more like 2004-05, after they got hit with several lawsuits relating to their use of EIFS (artificial stucco). You mentioned Spring vs. the Woodlands. I don't know how it evolved that Spring became the address for so many homes in the Woodlands; if you go by the post offices for 77381 and 77380, etc., you'll see plainly that "The Woodlands Texas" is written on the front of those buildings. And in May 2014 or later, the residents will be able to vote for incorporating The Woodlands as a real city. Right now it's officially organized as The Woodlands Township. Read more about this incorporation at http://www.thewoodlandstownship-tx.gov/FAQ.aspx?TID=14
  6. Just make sure to title the list, "What to watch for in the Town Center area in 2010" to clarify it. I wasn't aware of Exxon planning to build a campus there: that sounds great! Is it supposed to be in addition to their research center in the Greenspoint office complex? Or replace it? I know a PhD who works at Greenspoint and he might know more. Andrea
  7. A better, more direct URL is this: http://orion.mcad-tx.org/appraisal/publica...=&NodeID=11 1. When a result comes up, click on the Rxxxxx Property ID link to the left of your cousin's name. 2. The next page will be the Property Detail Sheet with lots more info, including the value that MCAD wants to assess it at for 2009. 3. Click on the GIS Map link at the top, and a new window will appear, showing a map ... usually. But as the other people in this forum have shown you, that property is not mapped and available online, unfortunately. The message I got was: "MCAD GIS Error: The parcel requested was not found in the Database." I think you'll have to call the MCAD office to find out where it's located. Good luck, Andrea
  8. Lori, I can tell you that there are a number of patio homes/townhomes/condos or whatever you want to call them, previously sold and now for sale. They are mostly one story, and are in the Ashbury Square subdivision, all on Douvaine Ct. in Sterling Ridge, near the intersection of Lake Woodlands Dr. and Sterling Ridge Dr. They're not cheap, though; the lowest one of the three currently for sale is asking $210,000. The other two are in the $240s. They were built in 2004 and are very nicely finished inside. Of the 4 floorplans there, only one was a two-story (the largest one). These are legally structured as condos, I think, but many/most resales are marketed as single-family homes. I don't know why the Realtors do that. The other Life Forms subdivisions I looked at rarely had one-story single-family homes, which is why I pretty much ruled them out in my home search. The only one recently sold that I could find was at 78 Winter Wheat Pl. in the Reedy Pond subdivision (it had 1837 sq. ft.). It was last asking $181,900 before being sold; it closed in Aug. 2007. Andrea
  9. I think the answer is your 2nd choice: they remapped the floodplain elevations. As the Chronicle article said, "The new flood map would be an upgrade over the one currently in effect, which was established in 1999, he said. The new version is digital, providing a more accurate representation of the flood plain." So blame it on newer technology. I just wonder now if this digital imaging will affect other areas near creeks elsewhere in The Woodlands. Andrea
  10. I read on Feb. 26th in the Chronicle that the city of Shenandoah got new proposed floodplain maps from a consultant. This news doesn't only affect Shenandoah, but also a lot of the Grogan's Forest area, especially the newly-built areas on both sides of Grogan's Mill Road
  11. I speak from the perspective of searching for a retirement home in East Shore. While they were constructed, I watched Village Builders
  12. Celiene, One year ago (on Oct. 17th, 2007), the Chronicle published a story about all the major road expansions that The Woodlands Development Co. plans to do. That article is no longer available online, unless you have a paid subscription to the newspaper, maybe. Two days after that story was published, I captured the article as a PDF and added maps with markups to show where the roads are being widened: see the file I've uploaded. I don't know how accurate these plans are, now that one year is passed. For more up-to-date info, see another topic in the Woodlands forum: "Mobility project for The Woodlands." I think that has more details. Road_widening_in_The_Woodlands.pdf
  13. I looked up in my copy of the book, "The Woodlands: The Inside Story of Creating a Better Hometown" by Roger Galatas. On page 49 it says that The Woodlands' grand opening was on Oct. 19, 1974. On Jan. 1, 1975, the first family moved into a townhome in Settler's Corner, and within days, 10 more townhomes were occupied. So you’re right: Settler's Corner was the first subdivision to be built in The Woodlands. All townhomes there were built in 1975, as far as I have seen. Some single-family homes in the nearby neighborhoods off Red Cedar Circle and Timberwild St. were also finished in 1975. I can tell you from my research that Settler's Corner is a good choice for a townhome, because of its convenient location across the street from Grogan's Mill Village Shopping Center and possibly walking distance to the Town Center and Mall (it’s 2 miles to Market Street, so it depends on how energetic you are). In the last two years, the highest asking price for previously-sold townhomes here was $140,000 (for the largest unit that has 1954 sq. ft.). But many smaller units without a golf course view are asking in the low-$100s. The highest-priced unit for sale right now is asking $149,900 and has the largest floor plan (1954 sq. ft.) with lots of upgrades. See it at Settler's Corner listing. Others here are asking around $120K. Some people have very nicely upgraded their townhomes inside, from what I've seen in listing pictures. And many plans have high ceilings for a spacious feeling. But keep in mind that a lot of units here are rentals, and many have only one-car garages, if that matters to you. And their appreciation in general hasn't been huge in the last five years; maybe this year will be different. The best homes to look for are those with a golf course view; they are along the northern and eastern perimeter of this complex. I don’t know about the build quality; you’ll have to get another HAIF member’s opinion, if you can. Or better, walk through the neighborhood and try to find someone who lives there and ask them how good the soundproofing is. I’d also recommend that when you make an offer, ask the seller to pay for one year of home warranty coverage, and get the townhome inspected before you buy. The green space in the middle of Settler’s Corner is an open forested common area; I suppose you could call it a park. To see the best aerial views of this complex, go to Microsoft’s Virtual Earth site at: Bird's eye aerial view of Settler's Corner You can pan, zoom in and rotate the viewpoint to any of the four compass directions; the default is facing north, of course. Good luck in your home search!
  14. No, it's a bit off. I can direct you to an excellent website that says in June 2008, The Woodlands now stands at 5.9 months of inventory, so whoever told you it was 3 months was perhaps talking about a different area of Houston. See this page (scroll down almost to the bottom): http://home.earthlink.net/~acihou/images/m...ketmainpage.htm I got to that page from http://www.micheleflory.com/Community/Curr...ket-Conditions/. Her website is excellent because it slices and dices all the data, she updates it every month, and even breaks down the market activity by $100K price ranges ($100K-200K, $200k-300K, etc.). Hope this info helps. Andrea
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