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  1. kimanh01

    Tea Bar

    I can see why you'd think so as it is not high end tea. I'm hoping to bring in sales through a strong menu & location with a loyal customer base. I do want to know what you think. please explain.
  2. kimanh01

    Tea Bar

    Hi thanks for everyone's comments so far. They've been helpful and encouraging. To answer some questions, I'll tell you more about the idea- I was thinking of a tea bar with a memorable atmosphere for people to enjoy tea while hanging out alone or with friends. I picture the anterior to be intricate, a little artsy, and vintage similar to the interior to the clothing store Anthropologie (http://www.flickr.com/search/?q=anthropologie). Big open windows would be nice. The main thing will be the tea that we'd serve and several desserts to choose from. Although the patisserie-valerie looks great, we wouldn't want to serve food because we wouldn't want anything to take away from our tea. It wouldn't be good if the first thing you smell is eggs when you walk in rather than the aroma of tea. Plus opening a restaurant is a whole different venture. We'll have our own menu with hot or iced teas, tea lattes, tea smoothies, teas specialties from around the world, loose leafs, etc. After reading thru, it sounds like the heights would be good for high-traffic but washington would be best for leasing rates right now. I'll be looking around. Maybe redo an old house around here? I'd like to stay away from the asian inspired boba tea or the victorian style tea room idea. Too many already and this is supposed to be a newer concept w tea. I'd like it to be just a special place with a good crowd, wifi, lots of atmosphere, and of course good tea. Camy
  3. kimanh01

    Tea Bar

    No, I know that's what Houston is made up of and there is one that worked out in NY called Tavalon Tea Bar. But there seems to be a different feel on Washington Ave. I want the tea bar to have an inviting atmosphere with not too much else to take away from the menu. It would be more of a place to hang out rather than just to be seen. We'd offer a menu similar to that of Starbuck's but all tea instead of coffee (cup of hot or iced tea, tea lattes, tea smoothies, desserts, loose leaf, etc.) There would be wi-fi and maybe board games. High end with a clubby atmosphere is a good idea for Houston but I don't know about this location.
  4. kimanh01

    Tea Bar

    What do you guys think about a tea bar on Washington Ave? I've been looking into opening one for a while and was thinking the Galleria area would be ideal. It's just impossible to afford and and most likely would not turn a profit with a lease there. With all the new commercial and residential development going on at Washington Ave, would a tea bar work here?
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