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  1. Anyone have an opinion on getting 12 month fixed starting Jan. 1 versus waiting to Mar. 1 hoping the rates go lower for 12 fixed. What about renewing in summer months, won't that be higher rates? New Texan here, trying to speed up my learning curve. Thanks.
  2. Bulldog, thanks. I am not planning on moving at all so I am looking for 12 month fixed. I get the charges for TSD and PUC, they get passed on to customers, and I get the minimal billing, not affected here, but what I don't get is other charges just a monthly charge that gets added on (not for minimal usage). Wouldn't that charge really be part of the kwh charge and the REP lists the price lower and then adds the extra on as a charge and figures the consumer won't notice, or hopes so. Thanks
  3. Thanks Niche for the advice. I will do that but wanted to learn something before calling as I am not sure what to ask. Brian0123 I read that typically I want to pick rates during the winter months. I have to start a new contract Jan. 1. Would I be better off getting a 3 month locked in and picking a 12 month provider April 1 or just do it now? And it's all the little fee add ones, I understand minimal useage and early termination, but not sure about the others and do they all have these fees? This is really frustrating. Thanks for your help. Chris
  4. My contract is up Jan. 1, 2012. I am not familiar with choosing your own provider. I am trying to make sense of the website, Power To Choose, but in general I have never dealt with this system. I did Reliant for the first round, just to get power and now would like some advice on how people generally choose. Is going with big company, ie. Reliant, more reliable, in terms of staying in business, as opposed to some of the newer and smaller companies? I do think I want a locked in rate, I would hate the surprise of a big rate jump. Historically do rates tend to fluctuate that much, is locking in for a year wise, or should I go longer? Lots of questions I know. Thanks in advance. Chris
  5. I am moving to Richmond, into and new old (8yrs)house. I am looking for recomendations of decorating firms, interior design firms, or just excellent decorating stores that have talented people that will help me make the house a home.
  6. I am buying a Trendmaker home in Richmond built in 2000 with 2 previous owners. I am having an inspection done, structural, termite, and pool, also considering getting mold inspection. Do I need a home warranty? Any recommendations or warnings as to what to look out for or what to avoid? We are moving from the midwest and in addition to never hearing about home warranties I am unfamiliar with the tole that Houston's extreme heat and humidity can take on a home. Looking for some great advice. Thanks to all.
  7. Hi, I am looking for information about Royal Lakes Estates. Is this a Master Planned Community? Who is was the developer? What issues pro and con should be considered if moving to this community? What does this area realize in resale value? What about the tax rate? Does this area generally or ever flood? All these questions from someone moving to Texas from out of state. Thanks for all your help.
  8. Hi, I am looking for information about Royal Lakes Estates. Is this a Master Planned Community? Who is was the developer? What issues pro and con should be considered if moving to this community? What does this area realize in resale value? What about the tax rate? Does this area generall or ever flood? All these questions from someone moving to Texas from out of state. Thanks for all your help.
  9. Thanks for the map link. I am trying to figure out an area to live that my husband's commute to his office in Rosenberg won't be more than 20 minutes. Any advice?
  10. Is there a zip code map so I can figure out location?
  11. Thanks, I know there are lots of houses, new and resale out there, my question is, where do I look that the floorplans are not all the same. Even some of the older 1990's in Greatwood, have the almost identical floorplan to the new ones in Telfair. I know you can choose different elevations, and interior features like tile, wood, etc. but that barely changes the look. Even though Telfair has what 13 builders I felt that all the plans were very similar. Are there certain areas that have more variety? Help please.
  12. Not sure if I am posting in the correct spot. We are moving to Houston, job related, husband already in apartment. I have made 3 trips to look over the area for a new home within a 30 minute or less commute from Rosenberg. I (we) have looked at lots of houses, old and new. Last trip spent 2 days looking at new in 3 different planned developments and 2 days of looking at resale, we can now walk into a home and know the floorplan. and we see the same tile, light fixtures, trim, cabinets, everywhere, no matter what the plan or who the builder is, they all look alike to us. Bear in mind we come from the midwest and live in an early 20th century Georgian colonial. I understand my culture shock but is there any alternative. Or should I just go with the flow and appreciate the fact that these new houses have insulation. If you can recommend neighborhoods, streets, communities, areas, I would really appreciate it. I would rather not go farther west of Rosenberg as I have a Whole Foods addiction. Can't wait to find a home in Texas. Oh, and I love the idea that I can have a pool and my husband can play golf more often.
  13. Any idea when power will by back on. We are moving to Houston and my husbanc is in an apartment near 762 and 59 near Richmond. He has Reliant Energy. I am trying to find out and I am in Illinois.
  14. I guess I feel the same way as when I go try on clothes, I don't intend to buy them all, but I do need to try on first, the same way I test drive many many cars before I plunk down big bucks, and the bucks are even bigger for a home, as is the commission.
  15. I am using an agent recommended to us by the company that hired my husband. We are intending to buy in the area and have stated that. We have only looked at homes that are on MLS listings, no FISBO or foreclosures, all within a general price range within what we can expect to pay. I do not know the area or the Texas laws reguarding the buying and selling of property, that's why I use a realtor, same reason I call an electrician. My question goes back to, is it usual and accepted practice for a realtor to require a retainer fee to cover their operating costs, and refund contingent upon purchase and closure on a house within 120 days. The second part of my question concerns who pays the commission, which I understand is generally 6% in Texas.
  16. I thought that it was apart of the seller's agreement. I have been the seller before, and it was 7% commission that was divided between the seller's agent and the buyer's agent. But it came from my pocket, the seller, not the buyer. I get that. I just haven't seen it coming from the buyer before.
  17. That's what I am used to. I am being asked to pay a retainer fee up front, to be returned if I close on a house within 120 days. Also that I, the buyer would be reponsible for 3% of the cost to be paid to the realtor, if they cannot get it from the seller. Is this normal for the Houston area? I have never seen this on a contract before. The form says Huston Area Realtor Assoc. on it. Thanks for all the advice everyone.
  18. Are there typical fees that are paid by the buyer to the realtor. Coming from the midwest I have not seen this before.
  19. Hi all and thanks for all the information. I would like to clarify, that while our top top dollar is $500,000, we would certainly welcome less, I gave out that amount as I have not yet been to the area and only recently began looking online. We had planned on locating to the Raleigh/Durham N.C. area last summer and housing there is sky high. From what I can tell comparable housing is somewhat less than that in the southwest Houston/Rosenberg area. Of course I realize you can always find something more expensive! If we could stay in the lower $300's it would be nice. Are there particular neighborhoods or planned communities that I should research? Suggestions would be helpful. Any areas that you can walk to nearby groceries, bakeries, banks, pools, and libraries, would be great. Is everything new housing? Presently we are in a 1910 Georgian colonial in the midwest, and have all the issues that come with an older home. Are there areas of older housing that have already been updated, I don't think I can do that again, takes so long, making new housing that much more attractive. Sorry for all the ramblings and multitude of questions, I am hoping to get much of the research done so that my first trip to the area will be well organized and fruitful.
  20. Please tell me what line of work within the energy field you are in, I have 2 college soph. majoring in chemistry and math because they like it and don't have a clue what careers to focus on.
  21. Thank you for the quick suggestions, I have heard of Telfair, Greatwood, and Pecan Grove in these posts. In looking at the map and from comments, I am wondering about the Cinco Ranch area, that any any developments in and around Richmond. Are those a reasonable (under 30 min.) commute to Rosenberg? It is hard to judge just from the map, considering traffic, and the fact that everything in Texas is bigger. I am planning a trip soon to look over the area, and we are seriously considering renting to get the feel for the areas before buying, just dreading the move and having to move again. Thanks so much for all the suggestion, I am amazed at the wealth on knowledge that everyone so generously shares. What a friendly site.
  22. My husband is taking a job in the Rosenberg area. I am just starting the online info search before making a house hunting trip. I have been lurking on your boards for days and I must say am delighted with all the detailed information. We would like a commute of less than 30 minutes, and since it would be opposite the traffic flow we are not sure just how far out we could possibly be from Rosenberg. Our top price is $500,000 and would certainly welcome less. The children are all in colleges, so we are I guess downsizing. I would like to have a 1 story home if at all possible, as I am occassionally disabled. Any suggestions on areas, planned communities, etc. would be appreciated. I myself like to be where I can get to shopping, libraries, or entertainment on days I am not house bound, and don't want to be forever driving. I somewhat like the idea of a planned community, with walking trails, pools, etc. as I enjoy the pool and can't provide the physical upkeep of owning my own. Thanks in advance. Chris
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