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  1. The Borders near Baybrook Mall had a copy of the 1999 edition on the shelf about 10 days ago. $20.00 Probably been there awhile.
  2. Please give us an update on what you learn.
  3. Personally, I try to avoid the Memorial Villages due to the prevalence of mercury vapor lights in many of the yards. It's very shifty there.
  4. Nobody is trying to fool anyone. You don't need a real-estate degree or a talk-radio show to know that houses are only worth what someone is willing to pay for them. With the sheer number of them sitting on the market currently, it appears that sellers are asking more than what buyers are ready to pay.
  5. It appears the Miller house will open for tours at some point after restoration. The family just donated it to the Indianapolis Art Museum this week. http://www.indystar.com/article/20081118/LOCAL/81118057 donation article http://www.therepublic.com/main.asp?Sectio...rticleID=123829 great photos of interior (multiple pages, use arrows to navigate) http://wikimapia.org/9981937/J-Irwin-Miller-Home
  6. Columbus, Indiana is blessed with some of the world's finest architecture thanks to the forethought of Irwin J. Miller, an heir to the Cummins Engine fortune. Mr. Miller created a fund that paid for architectural fees to hire top-tier firms to design basically every major public building, from firehouses to electrical substations. Represented are works by Eero Saarinen (bank, church and Miller's home), Eliel Saarinen (church) Caudill Rowlett Scott (electrical station and elementary school), I.M. Pei (library), SOM (newspaper printing plant, town hall), Cesar Pelli (shopping mall in city center
  7. sdmarc

    I got married

    Congratulations to you both!
  8. See my earlier post. I gave up at day 23 or so and ordered DSL from ATT. It's just as fast as cable and a small fraction of the cost. (They have a deal if you switch from cable for $100 for the first year with a free modem) On the 30th day without Comcast, I was able to connect the DSL and call Comcast to disconnect my service that still was not working. Comcast said they still did not have an estimated time for service restoration. File your FCC complaint here. http://esupport.fcc.gov/complaints.htm?sid...0&id=d1e728
  9. The windows are now partially boarded. (looks like they are trying to leave openings to vent moisture) The top of the tower had the brick facing peeled away from the concrete block underneath. This building is once again in danger.
  10. While I am in my 19th day without service, Comcast's contractor tried to establish service for a new customer 3 houses from me yesterday. The contractor must have reported to the head office that there was no signal, so a lineman showed up today TO FIX THE SERVICE SO THE NEW CUSTOMER COULD BE CONNECTED! Meanwhile, I get the run around and canceled appointments from Comcast customer service. Maybe if they get their new customer on-line, maybe I'll get service too. There ought to be a law against connecting new accounts when your current customers are without service.... for 19 days!
  11. My Comcast high-speed is still down. Calls to customer service are frequently disconnected. Nobody seems to have a clue when it will be fixed. And my consolation prize is a credit to my account???
  12. The batteries for most panels are available at Radio Shack. I just replaced mine recently. I think it was about $35.00. Google the name on your panel and battery change to find instructions on how to change. And then just give Radio Shack the model number or bring the old one to the store.
  13. article on the Yale Architecture Building renovation/restoration http://www.nytimes.com/2008/08/28/arts/design/28yale.html?em
  14. Google maps and others still show a shopping center on Shaver called Pasadena Plaza, but its not there. What was it and why did it disappear?
  15. For those that don't make it over to the museum, there are a couple of display cases inside the current Hobby Terminal near the food court that have interesting period artifacts.
  16. You mean this one? http://www.1940airterminal.org
  17. I suspect the OP is trying to get positive PR out into the media for the "lovely" design.
  18. Lisa Gray's article on the Formica House http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/ent/ar...ay/5918346.html Aside from the interesting topic, her writing is fantastic as always.
  19. From the top: 1) Alcoa's first tower in the background, plus another aluminum panel building, Harrison and Abramovitz, architects 2) Monogohela incline, up Mt. Washington 3) the bank building on Forbes Ave.... not sure who this one is 4) The convention center on the river, Rafael Vi
  20. Historic "Formica House" Wins Preservation Support Grant from Formica Corporation Could Aid New Owner in Restoration The Formica Corporation and Houston Mod announce a joint effort to assist in the preservation of Houston's historic "Formica House". In partnership with Houston Mod, the Formica Corporation has generously offered to donate up to $5,000 in laminate materials to a new owner that commits to an appropriate restoration of the house. "With an increased interest in mid-century architecture and design, the Formica Corporation is seeing renewed appreciation for the creative uses of lamin
  21. Article on the Formica House http://www.hcnonline.com/site/news.cfm?new...35587&rfi=6
  22. Bump this thread for the open house today 3-5 PM, sponsored by Houston Mod. Sign up for a membership and purchase a copy of Booming Houston and the Modern House while you're there.
  23. Drove by the house with the grand piano pool and noticed that it had been flattened. A new building is going up in its place.
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