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  1. Well, I couldn't sleep tonight, so I went downstairs to "the batcave" in my garage (or man cave if you will), to troll the web. I started feeling nostalgic about the good ole days, like when HAIF was hopping and I was a regular here (circa 2003) And, it made me remember something else... anyone remember before the internet exploded..."bulletin boards?" BBS's they were called. The one I remember was "Houston After Dark". Wow, that was some cool stuff, it was all text based, with dialup modems! I remember my computer during that time, it was a 386SX clone, years before Pentiums came along. With those BBS's, you could download programs, files, share stuff. There were "chat rooms". And, there were real socials where people could meet and get to know each other. It was a lot of fun. Man, I miss those days. They were simpler. No frills. No complication. Just pure innocent coolness. It seemed more magical, as computers were starting to take over, but before they became the common appliances we now take for granted. Sometimes, I want to go back to those simpler times...
  2. Houston19514 you are still here! Well, thought I would check up a bit on the old forum.... wow, was a year when I last posted! Anyways, I see so much building downtown going on, so here checking up on all the projects. Was in the heights today looking for, uhh.... well, a disco shirt and leisure suit.. (don't ask) OK, SINCE YOU ASKED, I play bass in a Disco and 70s band! And we wear vintage appropriate costumes at our shows. The crowds love it!. ANYWAYS, while driving back from the heights, couldn't help but admire all the new buildings going up. Amazing. Reminds me of the years leading up to the last superbowl. Well, anyways, I'll stick around more often. Always was a cool site! -2112 p.s. In case anyone needs to book a groovy 70s band, check us out... www.that70sthing.com
  3. HI EVERYONE!!!!! I've been away from the forum for years and finally decided to come visit again! I was surprised my account was still active! Guess having 2 daughters, and just life, I guess, got in the way Anyways, I don't know if anyone remembers me, but I use to enjoy terrorizing our Dallas brethren just a little, for the sheer sport of it, remember? Anyways, I am much more mature now....much more (ahem, sarcasm enabled). Just thought I would say Hi.... Do you guys still have the HAIF socials like the good old days? Just wondering..... 2112
  4. I have to admit I was a little shocked when I read the Forbes article...and I immediately thought "oh I cant wait to read all the trash talking that will be comming out of all the Htown haters". Sure enough, I went to the Austin Stateman website, and there it was, a huge article written to dump all over Houston, and to re-proclaim that superior "cooleness" and "weirdness" that Austin supposedly has. Actually, in the comments to the article, there were surprisingly a lot of supporters defending Htown believe it or not. So it wasnt all bad. And it was fun to read comments on how everyone is tired of all the "weird" references comming out of that town. "But Austin is WEIRD...please please please think that we are Weird" LOL.
  5. Actually, I wasn't going for the cafein jitery jumpy excited cant stop talking cafein tone. I was going for sarcam. Guess I failed.
  6. Hi everybody! So what’s up these days up there in Dallas? Haven't heard much in a long time. Ok, actually I have heard quite a bit. For starters, is it me, or have they reincarnated the old J.R. Ewing show? I could have sworn I saw a commercial for a new series called “Dallas”. I can almost hear the Dallas theme song playing in my head already. Oh, yea, I also read an article yesterday (was it yesterday? I think it was yesterday)…regarding a piece in the Chronicle, regarding Dallas yet again. Anyways, there was supposedly a response from our neighbors to the north, summarized in yet another piece entitled: “Dallas gets it’s panties in a wad”. With a title like that, I had to go investigate. Regrettably, I couldn’t seem to download that response. My computer is a bit slow these days, so I gave up trying. But it sounds like there were words exchanged or something. I mean, I’m no rocket scientist, so I may be wrong, but it just SEEMS like there might have been some edgy discussion worth reading. So back to the show, when does it start? I can’t wait for the show to start on my television, so I can watch it.
  7. I heard that negotiations were held with Tampax for stadium naming rights, but the city withdrew the contract on the count of there were too many strings attached. (sorry)
  8. More cool news. The wife and I went to the final SAIL "get together", at the Gilruth Center (outdoor pavillion for employee picnics and get togethers). There were people there we havent seen for over 10 years and more, plus all surviving SAIL employees. People that started the place since 1974, Mostly, everyone will be layed off, so this was sorta a final time to get together and celebrate the Shuttle program. To our surprize, the center director showed up, and spoke elequently. There were several astronauts there...but surprize number one...the commander for the last final shuttle mission was there...he hung out with us and spoke and all was good. That was a huge honor to have him aknowledge the laboratory and its history. What I was really happy to hear was center director Coats' vision on making the SAIL a real awesome historical presentation for the eventual public Space Center Houston tour. His vision as he spoke to us, is to make the SAIL look like the real thing. (I dont know...maybe add the payload bay doors??) The cockpit will be showcased, along with all the avionics. And in many ways it will be better than the retired orbiters that Houston didnt get, because ours, the SAIL, will showcase the real complex electrical, avionics, wiring, and engineering that makes the shuttle fly. The way it was described, I sorta see it as a testament to the engineering of this incredible machine. In short, it will preserve the work that Houston played in the Shuttle. I can now feel proud to one day take my future grand children in there, and show them where we once worked for many years! I'm so excited about this! It's a sorta of justice, we all felt it tonight. Here is a cool pic with the wife, STS 135 commander, and yours truly...
  9. I notice the feel you are refering too, when comming into Houston from being out of town for some time. Things start becoming more industrialized quickly...more concrete, more buildings close together, steel structures of the many freeway interchanges all over the place, the huge industry on the east side and the port, with the sea of refineries and factories with the smoke stacks, and so on. And then there is the mass of cars and humanity. It sorta actually wears me down too. By the time i drive into Houston and finally get to my house, I feel drained of energy. I know all this stuff is what many people outside of Houston point to as the negatives of this city, but I actually kinda like it, believe it or not. When you finally arive into the downtown area, it really feels huge. After not being here for days, the buildings really look massive. It's kinda crazy how the 59 elevated has old warehouses on the east side, some butting up against the elevated itself, and the older downtown buildings to the right with the GRB practially right up against the west side of the elevated, with those bizzare freeway ramp looking things that goes right into the building itself! Having said all that, we go to Austin alot, and it's completely the opposite. The north west part as you exit Austin around Bee Cave, wow. The natural hills and lakes. Houston of course has nothing like that at all. I get a little jelous that we dont. But I'm ok with Houston just the way it is I guess.
  10. I have some positive news on this topic. I just found out that the SAIL (Shuttle Avionics Integration Laboratory) - the prototype of the Shuttle here at JSC/Houston...the first one to which the real shuttles were eventually built to....will not be dismantled, but instead will become part of the Space Center Houston tour...it will live on!!! If you dont remember my post early on in this thread, this is the engineering and electrical "iron bird". It is in fact the first Space Shuttle prototype. ALso, the article in the above post has a good write up on this. My wife has worked there 23 years...and of course is being layed off along with the 2000 shuttle workforce. But we are both happy that the laboratory will live on as a historical portrait to the complexity of the shuttle. Yea, I know, a real shuttle in Houston would have been the right thing to have bestowed to us. But preserving the SAIL lab is at least something to be proud of, and a reminder of Houston's role in the design and engineering that went on behind the scenes.
  11. LOL! Never seen that sign. But I have seen other weird stuff. Like helicopters hovering over my building at JSC, followed by doods sporting black military outfits and machine guns (I work in bldg. 44, where my old project lead decided to go shoot someone). I drank heavily that night. Oh yea, and one time before that, I had to change lanes and pass a slow moving X-38 spacecraft being transported on a flatbed. That was kinda funny to me, because I remember thinking: "Wow, I'm peed-off at this slow moving spaceship that wont get out of my way." Distant memories now. Good thing that NEW memories will be forthcomming: "would you like fries with that?". Sorry, I'm in a sick humurous mood right now...
  12. You might recall in a past post I mentioned the Houston based Space Shuttle that never flies, but is a very high fidelity electrical replica - in fact the first prototype - to which the real shuttles were built. In that post I mentioned some detail of this place, the Shuttle Avionics Integration Lab, or SAIL. Here is a cool article from ABC. It's a pretty good write up on it. LINK: http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/space-shuttle-atlantis-retires-ghost-shuttle-houston-johnson/story?id=14084176
  13. “Once those volumes start through the canal — it’s three years away, but when customers look to setting up distribution networks, this area will definitely take off,” Hoof said. "...HOOF said..." In my older age, and to the despair of my wife, I still cant seem to shake my childish impulse to laugh at any mention or suggestion of...well....things like "HOOF". I cant imagine this poor soul's 4th grade experience and the teasing for having such a misfortune of a last name. Granted, the great rocket scientist Max FAGET (pronounced Fu-jae) probably had it worse. Be that as it may, I can only fantisize that our 4th grader friend may have had a classmate with the last name of "CAMEL". I actually had a classmate by the name of Jill Camel, down in south Texas. So it COULD happen.
  14. Hello all. I was just wondering how things have advanced with the Port over the years...how has business evolved, that kind of thing... -2112
  15. ...oh, by the way. Last week there was an official corporate announcment...1,200 Shuttle layoffs in Florida, and 800 in Houston. All Space Shuttle related. 800 in Houston is by far the largest RIF I have ever seen at once. But I think there has been close to 3,000 during the last 1.5 years, but those were spread out over time. This new one will be staged in a 3 week period if I read it correctly. Probably because they can't process that many people at the same time. Hopefully, the year 2012 will see an upswing in new work. I keep my hopes up for the new heavy-lift rocket, although I dont know what part JSC will actually get to work. Either way, I try to be hopefull as that keeps my sanity intact! Beer helps, too -2112
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