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  1. Anyone know what Plum Pads is up to on West 16th between Herkimer and Blair? It looks like they just bought an empty lot. I thought they only handled already-existing multi-families.
  2. Maybe I am getting my muggings/robberies confused. I thought that I had heard of a robbery just happening at that Wachovia in the middle of the day a week or two ago...maybe it wasn't the one on the bike. There was so much chatter about it because it happened just after that elderly man was robbed at Walgreens in the same shopping plaza. This, plus people's houses being broken into during the middle of the day and having their alarm panels ripped out of the walls...car jackings...stabbings...This is all life in the big city. With all of the folks talking, I haven't heard anyone sing the p
  3. I am still questioning the value of the constable when a 50 year old man can rob a bank in broad daylight on a bike and ride away with all of the money without being caught. http://www.click2houston.com/news/10713296/detail.html With all of the crime that has been happening around the Heights, does anyone have any stories where the constable actually made a difference?
  4. In case you haven't seen the email that is going around: About 9p/9:30p on Wednesday, June 3rd there was an attempted carjacking in the alley off Oxford, between 7th and 7th 1/2, in the parking lot of an apartment complex. The victim resisted, was stabbed, and was taken to the hospital. The perpetrators had not been caught when neighbors showed up on the scene. In a related/unrelated question...does this area have a constable yet?
  5. Did I understand that the area which was hit at E 12 1/2 was under the area which Karen Derr already has a functioning constable? What was the constable's response to this crime?
  6. If they are left in the street (not pulled into a driveway, etc) then you can call 311. They will come by and pick them up if they are notified that the cart may be interfering with traffic.
  7. Isn't the biggest problem with the sellers? If the sellers want to prevent builders from redeveloping their properties, why don't they sell to renovators only? I suspect that the reason is because the developers are offering them more money. But if this is such a passion of the bungalow owners (I own an historic home), why don't they resist selling to the highest and fastest bidder and rather hold out for the dream buyer who will renovate their home even if that person is going to offer less money and take a longer time to close the transaction? We had two bungalows in total disrepair wit
  8. I understand that many think that the purchase is fine. I believe we all agree that truly salvagable homes should not be replaced. For those who find this purchase of the Victorian-themed home (which is 5 years old and is really looking like it is in perfect shape) was a bad one, the question remains. What type of home purchase would you have condoned for this couple? Please don't forget the time, skill and money limitations which they have. Also, please remember that they have a toddler, another child on the way and a budget which limits them from the price per sq foot costs of most of t
  9. I have been reading the posts here for a number of months. People have differing opinions on many topics. However, everyone seems to agree on one thing - the newer construction built to look like old victorians is despicable. Well, I finally got to visit one and I must say that I was impressed. I would love to hear why you all dislike these homes so much. First, though, allow me to paint the picture of my new friends. - Young couple (31 years each) - 18 month old toddler - Trying for a 2nd child - Moderate income - definitely in budgeting mode (one car) - One of them is a native Houston
  10. Oh it would be so great if they opened a Trader Joe's in that location but I know that isn't going to happen. I hate having to go to places like Central Market and Whole Foods to find some interesting food. The prices at those places are prohibitive.
  11. Hi All - We have a lot of specialized watering we need to do on our tiny property. We are fast learning that watering it by hand is not only time consuming but is really wasting a lot of water. We want to get an irrigation system put in to make this all more efficient. It will be a little cost in the beginning but will pay for itself sooner than later. I did a little research and found Bayside Landscape Services but there was a MAJOR problem with them which I won't go into. Needless to say, we need a recommendation of someone who is professional and can get the job done right. Any recom
  12. Hi there - Can you all explain this one for me? I live on a block where a lot of the homes have gates around their properties. One enters the driveway using a gate opener much like a garage door opener. Well, the main control box for the opener is right on the front fence. The other night, someone reached through the fence, unscrewed the control box and stole it. I am just baffled because I don't get why someone would do that. Would someone please enlighten me? Thanks!
  13. Hi there - My parents are moving to Houston to be nearer to us. My Dad is an active (but physically limited) 87 year old and my mother is a VERY ACTIVE (walks at least a few miles a day) 77 year old. They will not be needing public transportation. I need to find them a safe community in which to live. They don't want to live in a retirement community - just a regular neighborhood. Can you recommend anywhere which is SAFE, easily accessible to the Med Center by car, reasonable drive to the Heights and Kingwood and is within 10 miles of a SAFE park? They only want to rent. They are happy to r
  14. Hi All - We bought a house which was built in 2003. Where we come from, builders are responsible for building issues for 10 years - including roofing, plumbing, etc. - structural issues - not normal wear and tear issues. How does it work in Houston? Are the builders responsible for anything for any period of time? We just bought this home so we are not the original buyers. We have a couple roof tiles that are popping up a little bit and thought that we should do something about that. Also, I want to know if the builder is a resource for any future issues or is this all our responsibili
  15. I would go if it had free wifi and an ability to hang out and play scrabble, etc
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