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  1. there is no such thing as a high quality chinese buffet.
  2. With businesses moving to the suburbs, the employees are just following. Homes outside the beltway draw 8 out of 10 buyers http://www.chron.com/homes/neighborhood-survey-2013/article/Homes-outside-Loop-610-draw-8-out-of-10-buyers-4432802.php More than 80 percent of the homes that sold last year were outside of Beltway 8, according to a study commissioned by the Houston Chronicle. Compare that to just 6 percent inside Loop 610 and 12.8 percent between the Loop and the Beltway.
  3. With lower Westheimer being served by the fire station located on Elgin in Midtown, I can understand why it was denied.
  4. You should check out the Glendale Cemetery. It's locked however a neighboring business has keys to the gate. Names you will run into include Milby, Deady, Briscoe, Allen, etc. It's a small cemetery but some of the neighboring businesses have made improvements including the fence so that its history will not be forgotten. Some of the graves date to the Republic of Texas days which is really unique. If you can't go out trying looking at findagrave.com for the cemetery. It's pretty well documented photographically.
  5. is that what it's called now? Lol
  6. all i needed was my own portable ac! lol
  7. You are right The skaters went through this in the 90s when City Council was attempting to ban skating downtown. The problem was that a small group of skaters were causing property damage by grinding. So instead of banning grinding, they wanted to ban skating as a whole and a large group of us spoke before city council in order to allow skating to continue.
  8. Hmmm so first you are scared of cars and now you are scared they can't pass you? This is a bad idea period.
  9. whew i just remembered this. i will make an effort to go on the 31st.
  10. thanks for posting this. this was the best laugh i've had in a long while. I'm emailing this to my mom and see what her response will be. I'm sure the thread will be closed.
  11. well i guess the 2 to 3 ton difference might get rid of a few bad apples.
  12. I'm not sure i can make a living off of mindreading but you seem to perpetuate the idea.
  13. surprising name. lots of negative connotations.
  14. it would appear you have never been here during a flood. we are not san antonio. the referenced bayou is actually used for drainage.
  15. I'm not the outraged bunch who complained to city council in order to get this ordinance passed that ultimately won't make the cyclists safer. But I'm sure they feel better now.
  16. It provide no new protection period. Just passed to make cyclists feel safer. Our current administration loves these type of ordinances.
  17. And i've seen them go through red lights yelling obscenties at cars who have the green light and are honking at the cyclists. That's NOT being respectful to me. I personally almost hit a rider who decided to cross in the middle of a block in front of a parked vehicle which made him impossible to see until he was already in my lane.
  18. I hope these are new owners since the Distillery. They sucked.
  19. This is just another ordinance to appease a certain group. Status quo rules. Groups like critical mass are the ones that will ruin it for all. Blatantly violating traffic rules and then claiming cars are the problem.
  20. they are adding HOV ramps and hov lanes to 610 to the north transit center and adding ramps to the 59 south hov lane to get to the south transit center.
  21. why is it dependent on extending the tirz to memorial park? where is the 4.4 mile number coming from? seems like someone is assuming the old metro corridor is the path.
  22. what is the modern montrose crowd? can't go anywhere now without children. like being in the burbs.
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