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  1. I found an pic I took of Kiddie Wonderland in 1986, I think it was in the process of being taken down....
  2. When flashing or scrolling [they were analog] were outlawed in the early 80's by Council Member Eleanor TInsley's anti sign campaign, the sign went dark for at least a decade or more. The sign was originally a sort of billboard of the day or hour in the mid 1970's. It was grandfathered under the new sign code, but they couldn't change the surface area so the owners had to figure how to use the limited space as a directional sign for a store located off Westheimer, almost @ San Felipe...
  3. Somewhere I have some photos that my father took in 1972 as the mansion was beginning to be demoed. When I find them I will post them here. Update* I've just found a couple of prints, at some point I will get the rest of the negatives scanned. These images were taken on the late afternoon of August 14, 1972 by Andrew Solomon.
  4. While this may be a little late, in answer to why Sakowitz closed in 1990. The original Sakowitz feel victim to over expansion when oil collapsed and then the real estate market in the southwest followed suit, in the ensuing credit crunch, most of the regional savings and loans as well as many of the banks failed. In 1985 Sakowitz Inc filed for bankruptcy. The company emerged from bankruptcy a smaller company, but the majority ownership was held now by an Australian Real Estate Developer, L.J. Hooker. By 1990 Sakowitz was profitable, but L.J. Hooker fell into bankruptcy. The bankruptcy court tried to find a buyer for Sakowitz so it was liquidated. https://www.upi.com/Archives/1990/06/06/Finding-no-buyers-Sakowitz-stores-to-be-liquidated/4891644644800/
  5. We have recently scanned and posted to https://www.houstonjewelry.com/catalogs.php all of the complete catalogs from 1954 to 1991. These catalogs feature exterior images of the old store locations at Main & Rusk [1953-1955], The Houston Club Building [1955-1966], 802 Milam & Rusk [1966-1984 , Fannin & Clay [1984-1990], and 9633 Westheimer [1973-1992]. These files are all searchable, and feature thousands of jewelry and household consumer items over a forty year period.
  6. Sweeney's was acquired by the larger Houston based family jewelry chain, Gordon's Jewelers in the 50's or 60's as their guild division. The Gordon family sold out to the Dallas based Zales Jewelry company in the late 80's early 90's. In the Late 90's Zales decided to cut marketing expenses and consolidate all their guidl division stores into one brand, and they chose the oldest brand, Bailey, Banks & Biddle. The two old Houston Brands, Corrigan's & Sweeny's disappeared. In late 2006 Zales sold that division to Finley Jewelry company.
  7. Reiner's Jewelry is very much still in business, they moved out of downtown in the late 80's early 90's to an old house on Westheimer just east of Kirby on the North side of the street.
  8. Houston Jewelry is a member of the Jewelers of America JA100 Club, for jewelers that are over 100 years old. Houston Jewelry was also awarded a "Texas Treasure Award" from the Texas Historical Commission in September 2008. The establishment date the Commission went with is 1866. The family store started as Ephraim & Rosenfield in the 1860's on Main Street, listed in the 1866 Houston City Directory as "Third Door from Perkins Corner". In 1953 the family turned the focus to primarily jewelry as Houston Wholesale Jewelers at Main & Rusk, and in the 60's enlarged it as Houston Jewelry & Distributing Company, by the 90's it transformed back into a jewelry & gift store, Houston Jewelry.
  9. Houston Jewelry is the same as it was downtown in the 50's & 60's....jewelry & gifts....before they built the big store out at the end of town at westheimer and gessner when it was just ranch land in the early 70's Bain & Co....Romney's company was involved in the purchase of United Jewelers from Gordon's Jewelers in the mid 1980's after it was spun off by Bain it failed a few years later and Service took a few of their locations not a weird name when your last name is Weiner.....they were/are super super nice people... Joske's did not have a Meyerland location. The large stores there were Meyer Bros, Walter Pyes [which is now Pinto Ranch....] Palais Royal and JC Penny's. Woolworths and a grocery store....
  10. <br /><br /><br />Houston Jewelry is still there, they just moved closer in about 15 years ago....they have a nice display of old Houston historical items....they just got rid of the electronics....its like the stores they had downtown in the 60's & 70's before they opened the big multi department store out on westhiemer & gessner....they sometimes run their old jingle on their tv ads....
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