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  1. Sorry about asking a question and then droping from sight. Been out of town and under the weather. In the ariel photo that was posted if you go to the corner of the freeway and Belfort, turn right, just before you get to the split you can see where the old fence lines were (running North and South). There is also a rise in the road as you drive over it. That is where the tracks were. The Arch was just before the fence line. At the other end of Howard @ Arizona if you look at the sidewalks you will see that part of it comes to the corner and makes a right angle turn. There is also a circular part set back from the corner. You could walk up to the corner thru the arch or walk around if you were turning the corner. I have posted a request on our Milby alumni page for photos. There were about 30 are so kids in Meadowbrook in the 40's and 50's. Seem most of the posters lived in Meadowbrook after my time. Thanks Ron
  2. Do any of you fine folk happen to know where I could find some old photos Of Glenbrook Golf course in the 20's 30's or 40's? There was a beautiful country club building there until the 1940's. Burned down.
  3. The big trees that are inside the big arch were palm trees. Don't know if any are left now. Going to take a tour tomorrow and refresh my memories. Don't remember the pine trees.
  4. No build out. No stairs, just ladder attached to the wall. I think there may have been an office in the small arch as the left, as seen in the illustration above. I hope some one can come up with some photos. Maybe some of the old country club.
  5. These structures where wood framed and stucco on the outside. Red Clay tiles on the top. I can tell you where the one at Old Galveston Rd was located and approximately where the other was. Inside of the small arches on each side was a door that let you into the inside. They were locked with a pad lock. Most of the kids in the neighborhood could pry the bottom of the door out enough to get in. More fun. We would get up in the top and watch the cars drive under. There was one old lady that lived near the corner. Any time she saw any of us going inside she would call the cops. We had a regular policeman that patroled the neighborhood. We knew him by name and he knew us by name. He would show up and we would have to find a new source of entertainment. Now days we would be hauled to jail as terriost. If we got into too much trouble he would load you up and take you home. That was always bad. Was a great nieghborhood. Did some checking and found out that we moved there in 1942. Lived at 8111 Barkley. I went into the Marines in Jan. 1954. I came home in 1958, got married and moved to Pasadena. My Mother and Dad moved to Tulsa in 1962. Ron
  6. Sorry about the map being so big. I not usto moving files around. Should have made it smaller. Ron
  7. This map shows the location of the arches and where the country club were. I think that the arches were taken down in the early 50's. Maybe someone else will have better data. Yes the neighborhood was Meadowbrook. Glenbrook Valley was across the freeway from the golf course. It wasn't developed un till the early fifty's.
  8. Thanks to all of you. I moved to Meadowbrook in 1944. Lived on Barkley untill 1954. The arches were across Howard Drive. They didn't cross Old Galveston Rd. They were covered in a Spanish style stucco. I can show you were they stood. In those days they were at each end of Howard Drive. They were the favorite places for the kids to sneak off to and smoke those cigaretts. LOL. You could get all the way up in the arches if you knew how to open the door. One was located about where the end of Nothern Tools lot stops. That put it right at the Interurban Stop. Everthing from there to Telephone Rd was Mr. Dubose's pasture. In the 30's and 40's there was a Glenbrook Country Club building. It was on the NE corner of the gold course. It was a Spanish style two story building. My parents took me inside one time. Beautiful big ball room on the second floor. It burned down in the 40's I think. The arches were of the same style and may have been erected by the country club. Meadow Brook Building Company may have built them. I am going to take a drive around the golf course and refresh my memory of the street names and etc.
  9. As a kid I lived in Meadowbrook during the forties and fiftys. At each end of Howard Drive were two big arches. I am trying to find some photos of them. If you can give me a push in the right direction I would sure appreciate it.
  10. There are also a large group on the North East corner of Meadowbrook. They were housing for the instructors at Ellinton during WWII. That area is and was called Dogpatch. Does anyone know where I can get a picture of the arches that were located at each end of Howard Dr. in Meadowbrook during the 40's
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