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  1. I like having an excuse to slow down. I was chilling out on Sunday afternoon, driving home from IAH at about 65. Not in a hurry, trying to economize on fuel a little. Everyone was shooting past me. It's kind of zen-like, albeit in a somewhat life-threatening way, to drive a little slower on the freeway.
  2. I think the one I have is a Kensington. it works really well. Key in a place like Houston is that you need one you can change the station on. Mine has three presets. It's that hard to find an unoccupied station in Houston. I have three that work in different areas of town. If you are too close on the "dial" to a station with a strong signal, you'll get static, which is what it sounds like you want to avoid. FYI, the best place on the dial I've found for the Montrose-Museum District area and surrounding is 92.5
  3. You could use the old winter-in-New-England trick... sheets of plastic and duct tape. If that doesn't say class, I don't know what does.
  4. Nicely put! -a sirloin burger headed to the greener pastures OTL
  5. People of limited means usually don't have a lot of political sway. I don't think poor, inner-loop folks are holding up commuter rail. I think politicians, and the developers who own them, are. Developers want highways because people who want houses in the burbs want a good highway to get there. Sure, there are plenty of suburban folks who would love commuter rail. But so far I don't think they have the majority, or the political clout, to make it happen.
  6. Several years ago I worked for the GHCVB, so was not officially a city employee, but pretty close to it. The city was trying to encourage companies downtown to offer flextime to reduce traffic congestion. But not at City Hall, and not at the GHCVB. No, it was 8-5, no exceptions. It seemed to me that if City Hall was going to ask other companies to do this, they would have some of their own people doing it too. It's always a good idea for someone else to telecommute or work from home to reduce traffic, but nobody seems to want their own employees to do so.
  7. I'm glad to hear so many people saying they feel safe walking around at night. I moved here five years from NYC, where it was always clear to me where it was safe to be at night and what areas weren't. Since moving here I've had no idea. BUT, I am quite certain that I should not be walking around Riverside Terrace alone at night.
  8. Hi, I live in Riverside Terrace with my family. There is crime, but what I've found personally is that the crime happens around you, not to you... drug dealers shoot each others, prostitutes get beaten. I'm afraid this is what I've seen with my own eyes. I don't want my kids seeing this anymore, so we're moving. If it doesn't bother you to see an incident now and then, you might not mind. However, there's no way I'd go walking around at midnight, here or anywhere else inside the loop. I agree that City Park might be worth looking into. One problem is that it is low-end, which of course is great in terms of affordability, but might attract some less stable people and less stable situations. That could impact on crime. If I were you, I would look into a small condo in a good neighborhood inside the loop, rather than a house in a sketchy neighborhood. Of course, you have a dog, so that's a potential issue, but there are apartments and presumably condos that take dogs. I have a friend in Sugarland (a nice suburb where people go to get away from Houston crime) whose house was broken into in the middle of the day and they stole her dog. So it does happen, and can happen in any neighborhood. Wherever you move, remember that while many parts of Houston appear like suburbs and might seem safe, this is a big city and there is crime everywhere. So be careful, have an alarm system and keep your wits about you and you'll be fine. .
  9. I'm not sure it answers the concerns about LRT (such as stopping at lights, interrupting the flow of cross-line traffic). But it certainly seems like a more cost-efficient solution than LRT. And if there were a dedicated lane, you might get less of that roller-coaster swerving and lurching that the regular buses seems to do. Maybe fewer run-ins (run-overs) wtih pedestrians, cars, too. City buses as they are now are a menace to anyone else on or near the road.
  10. Wow, what an amazing video... thanks for posting. It would be so great to have something like that here, with the bikes feeding into it...
  11. From what you're saying, the purpose was just to choose who would be delegate. My understanding was that numbers mattered, too. So a certain percentage of the delegates were apportioned based on the primary vote, but a certain percentage were apportioned based on the caucus. So for example, if none of Obama's supporters showed up in the evening, Clinton would get all of the votes for the delegates apportioned by the caucus. THese are two very different scenarios. Perhaps I need to contact the party HG for clarification...
  12. Yeah, my son is four. Probably too young for "scared straight," though I'll keep it in mind for 10 years down the line. A fort would be of interest, but only if it had a place to lock up a bad criminal. Nativehou, thanks for the LaGrange tip. It's a little far but in the absence of something closer, might make a fun daytrip. And who knows, it might even scare him straight.
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