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  1. I'm planning a freestanding gazebo (10x14) with stamped concrete and a 3ft high 6ft long brick or stucco bar area on one side (will place my grill in middle). I want the ceiling to be exposed with beams. Anyone have recommendations on who to call or estimate on cost?
  2. I've recently been told by a builder that FBISD and AISD are in talks and Alvin is trying to get all of SCR to their district. Anyone know anything on this or has this been going on for a while and continue to just be speculation. I am just nervous of the schools on the Fort Bend Side. Am I overreacting to all of this? I would think in 10+ years a new high school will be available. Willowridge as it stands has subpar dropout rates, ect. This is a make or break deal for moving to SCR (Arbor Lakes). Any help would be great.
  3. We are thinking of buying in SCR Arbor Lakes. Schools are an issue and we realize this subdivision is zoned to FBISD. We're not too excited about our two kids going to those schools. Does anyone know if this will change or if we can apply for a transfer to Alvin? Also, if anyone knows what the elementary and middle schools are like please share. Please share any info you know. Thanks
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