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  1. Waiting on the estimate for the entire job, but preliminaries are $45 an hour with $20 to replace the ropes...said it should be about $65-80 per window, providing they are in good shape and just need weatherization, ropes, etc. He does cut a piece out to gain access to the weights and to redo ropes. It gets put back with screws so that you'll always have access to the weights for the future. He adds thin metal strip and wool for insulation. One window had rotted. He took that back to the shop for repairs on an emergency basis. The cost for that is $288. It involved construction of a re
  2. Thank you. He's coming by the house tonight.
  3. Would like windows in old bungalow restored, including the addition of screens. Also looking for someone to repair drywall cracks and baseboards following house leveling. Any suggestions of reliable contractors for either job?
  4. No. That is not correct. PC simply doesn't exist anymore. That does not mean they become NC in any new districts. A property that has undergone some changes can still contribute to the district. The HAHC is monthly approving changes that do not endanger the integrity of structures or their classifications. Check out a;; that is getting approved.
  5. Under the old ordinance there were two classifications: contributing and potentially contributing. Contributing structures were pretty much as they were built. Potentially contributing structures may have undergone some changes. They may have dormers, a different porch railing, an enclosed porch or different windows. These are just some examples of the changes that might have resulted in a PC classification. There are many others. Having two different classifications was confusing and not consistent with federal criteria used by the NRHP. To achieve consistency and eliminate the conf
  6. It seems that the approach here is to bully and call names like school kids. I really do understand your position. I just don't agree with it. Therefore we will have to agree to disagree. This can be done without resorting to lobbing of insults along the lines of "ignorant slobs", references to other neighborhoods as ghettos and accusations of propaganda. There are actually very few people who have been posting on this topic. It's a discussion of about five with entries here and there from others like me who usually monitor posts, but don't chime in. I now know why. It's not really a
  7. "These people" include me and I also don't like the camel backs. Those are what builders think are easy ways to increase square footage. They are the ones who want to bulldoze your house and mine. Don't indicate that "all" people devoted to their homes are against this ordinance. I am like you in that I love our house and we take care of it. It is that love of our house that casues me to want to ensure that it is worth more than the land on which it sits. That will not happen unless the demolitions and incompatible construction by speculative builders cease. We are not focusing on the
  8. The supporters were definately better organized last night. The majority of them were also more rational. The opponents suffer from an angry disposition that doesn't play well in that type of situation. The property rights argument appears to be losing steam because the supporters have a point that they have the right to maintain their investments and what they bought into. My version of property rights may not be your version. It can be argued both ways. There's also growing realization among the Mcmansion types that no protection could mean that the little bungalow next door gets replac
  9. Maybe this will help. It's from the Houston Heights Historic District Guidelines that are available on the city's website. There are all kinds of ways to add on appropriately. http://www.houstontx.gov/planning/HistoricPres/Design_Guide_Heights_District/Historic_Districts_Design_Guide_5NewAdd.pdf
  10. Mayor Parker lives in the Westmoreland Historic District and owns property in the OSW. She has designated her house in Westmoreland as a protected landmark. Sue Lovell stated Tuesday night that she owns property in one of the historic districts. Randy Pace resides in Houston Heights East district.
  11. James, Indeed. Information is the key. We've heard of people who went to the Tuesday night meeting who went home and quickly removed the signs they had from that realtor group that is trying to derail the Heights South application. It seems someone has obtained the list of the members of that group. It's all realtors from the big realty firms (yep, all the names you would think of) and builders, including Tricon. Wonder if that list will go public...
  12. Right off the top of my head, there's a bungalow in the 1400 block of Arlington which is currently being expanded (width and total square footage). The plans were approved by the historic commission. There's another bungalow in the 1800 block of Arlington that is currently for sale that was also expanded. These plans were also approved by the commission. Go take a look. 80% of applications to the commission get approved.
  13. Wow! Lots of inaccurate information here and a seemingly lack of desire to have accurate information or, at the very least, to dismiss accurate information when it is offered. Here are some facts: additions will still be allowed, there's nothing about paint color, most requests get approved by historic commission, demolitions of dilapidated property get approved now and will continue to get approved, there are tax incentives for improvements and they will continue, new construction will still be allowed. That's just a start on the facts. There's a lot of discussion about property rights
  14. Who are the two foundation guys that always get good recommendations on this Web site? Pfister might be one of them. I thought there was an earlier discussion about this, but I've looked back to September and do not find it. Anyone able to offer info on the cost involved in getting leaning piers repaired and the house leveled?
  15. As 2008 draws to a close, I am wondering if anyone has heard anything about Heights area builders laying off staff or switching back to renovation and remodeling. Although work in the Washington Avenue area appears to still be going strong, there's been a noticeable decline in permitting activity for the Heights. The most noticeable change is a decline in demolition permits within the Heights historic districts. However, it appears as if the total number of demolitions in the districts for 2008 will be about the same as 2007. Perhaps the good news is that there might have been more demolit
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