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  1. 1500 people will be moving into the HP office space which will have a huge impact to the retail component of Houston Pavilions. I have to assume that once Reliant moves into HP in December, that more retail will come on board to capture the purchasing power of 1500 employees.
  2. Got a tour of Lucky Strike this afternoon and I will tell you that it is going to be a slam dunk at HP. Mark My Words...HP is about to be a huge success with that addition.
  3. You are correct, CBD to Medical Center could be a fantastic Urban Utopia, but I think the difference between ATL and Houston is the lack of zoning. Without it, I've heard numerous sophisticated developers state that they are scared to make great investments into CBD/Midtown due to that reason. In addition, CBD is struggling to attract the type of jobs that are needed to sustain the urban utopia lifestyle. We do not have a great concentration of the creative class that would appreciate that type of environment. In addition, Rice University which is right in between the two employment centers never tried to integrate themselves into the city, which could have been a great conduit to building the creative class in Houston. I think Houston is a facinating city that could have a lot to offer, but the lack of vision of the city planners (or lack thereof) is the biggest problem. ATL was developed by intelligent design not by evolution and unregulated land development.
  4. I think a mix is needed, the one mistake I believe the designers of HP made is by not mixing up the anchors to force people to walk through all four blocks. They should have paired HOB with Forever 21 and Lucky Strike with Books A Million. The synergy of the audiences would have played well with that pairing. Instead, what you have is people looking for entertainment will stay at the far end of HP and the people that are looking to shop will be 3 blocks away. Mix Use means exactly that.
  5. Went by Lucky Strike bowling alley and it is probably 75% complete....It looks great. They have most of the lanes in and the pins have been delivered. Mark my words, this place is going to be huge and will have a very high demand to get in and bowl. They do not have a great deal of lanes, and I bet this is going to be the place to see and be seen.
  6. This is a much better solution than a convention center hotel or casino. This will help spawn an entire industry as well as much needed diversity of talent into the city. Imagine how diverse the economic foundation of Houston will become with one of the largest sound studios in the world in our backyard, you will have Medical, Oil & Gas, Energy and Film Industry within a 5 mile radius. If the County Commissioners do not see the potential of this idea, then they are on the take with some other private developer.
  7. It might be premature, but I am starting to think that you can consider HP a success, you have some successful venues coming together and the major components are pretty nice. Forever 21, HOB, Pete's Dueling Piano and when they get Lucky Strike it will be another successful venue. In addition, they have fully leased out the office space to a Fortune 500 corporation. It does have its faults but in comparison to BLVD and some of the other Mixed Use Developments that either didn't come to fruition or are faultering, this one seems to be off of life support and is making a full recovery.
  8. Went by Lucky Strikes today and it they had a light crew there working on the place. it does seem like it has away to go, but they are making progress....They painted the outside, you can see the bar and lounge coming together, and they've made some progress on the lanes. If and when this thing opens it will be packed.
  9. I personally believe that if you do not like having a highrise behind you, you probably should work with city council to get a zoning law passed. The city is ready for it and you might as well use this as an impetus to get it done. Neighborhoods should have a say in what goes in your neighborhood versus some opportunistic developer.
  10. I drove by it today and it is in full swing. It looks like they are working on the utilities right now, but it is happening.
  11. Drove by yesterday, delivered diggers and bull dozers to the site along with dumpsters. It looks like the hotel is about to get kicked off.
  12. A majority of the office building is being rented out by a major Fortune 500 corporation. Word through the camp fire is that the lease is signed, sealed and delivered.
  13. Agreed...Lucky Strike's needs to go through, and frankly HP should look at investing. They need Lucky Strike for this thing to be a success or have any ability for it to succeed. LS was a significant differentiator for this development and it would have been enough of a night time draw for 21+ crowd that did not want to go to the bar or did not like the performers at HOB.... I hate to say it but that was one of the critical pieces to this entire deal.
  14. To me, it was silly to have them placed where they were...They should have had them next to Forever XXI to build up some critical mass. In addition, those two stores is not the correct clientele for HP and the Downtown crowd.
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