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  1. I hear they are going to open two in Houston... one of which will likely be behind the Marquee on I10 and Silber. Excellent if true.
  2. Nope. Shipping everything, as we speak, to other locations.
  3. RIP Specs. Bunker Hill location closing in early September.
  4. It is my understanding it will be medical office bldgs like stated above, however they wont be built for some time. The developer tore down the existing structures to reduce the taxable vaule of the property while it sits waiting for construction. I imagine the pic posted above is the poster's way of saying s/he imagines the property becoming an empty, unleased strip center like so many around town right now.
  5. Okay, well that can't be too bad, I suppose. Sure beats another grocery store/strip center, etc. Not much crime and loitering occurring outside medical buildings.
  6. I drove down it this afternoon after work and it's a very interesting street. Some really nice homes and fantastic lots. Almost didn't feel like you were in Houston. And kinda creepy too!
  7. Seems to me construction really has grinded to a halt on the hotel. Bad windows or not, you could still be doing other work and there's not a person on the site. They are, however, working on the sky walk over Gessner.
  8. "Spring Branch Plaza" is to be built this fall at the corner of Bunker Hill and Long Point. Little strip center. FYI.
  9. I think the building facade was ripped off during Ike and never replaced.
  10. Olive Garden moved to the HEB shopping center at Bunker Hill.
  11. I read another related article somewhere describing how unhappy some the nearby residents were about it. Can't remember why exactly... I'll see if I can find that article. Edit: Now that I think about it, I think the descension is discussed in that article. I just don't know how to login and see the remainder of the article.
  12. They're going to be four "monuments" so-to-speak to set-off the Memorial City area. I think I read about it in last week's HBJ. Found it... http://houston.bizjournals.com/houston/stories/2009/07/20/tidbits1.html
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