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  1. Not sure what part of the Heights you live in, but my land value went up 19% as did all of the others on my block and blocks south, north, east and west of me. We are now at $50/sqft, up from $42 last year and $37 in 2013.
  2. KHOU now reporting that a smoke shop at 13th and Yale was robbed and the suspects fled in a vehicle. A citizen was chasing the suspects and the suspects fired out of the vehicle at the citizen and a woman pushing a baby in a stroller was struck by the stray bullet. She is expected to be OK and the baby was not injured.
  3. Chron is reporting a woman was shot in an apparent robbery at 13th and Harvard: http://www.chron.com/about/article/HPD-Woman-apparently-shot-in-Heights-robbery-5730881.php
  4. I pass by the corner of Heights/I-10 at approx. midnight five nights a week. There are usually a number of homeless people gathered at the seating area in the esplanade. They also walk about in the street with seemingly no regard for traffic. It will be interesting to learn more about this incident.
  5. I was searching for information regarding the variance sign posted in front of the new house next to 1236 Heights Blvd (something about the setback I think) and I happened to watch the video of one of the HAHC meetings. I didn't see anything about said variance, but did watch an interesting segment regarding a COA request for a new sign at the Infinity Title business across the street. Infinity Title is a business housed in bungalow and apparently they wanted to put a new sign on the building, which would go on the gable. "Staff" recommended approval of the new sign, but there was some groveling by one of the committee members about how he didn't like it. When the chair asked for motion to approve the sign, this guy made a motion to deny approval. What happened next was really telling: The chair said something to the effect of, "Well, if you are moving to deny the COA, could you tell us what grounds you are using for the denial, which sections of the ordinance the sign would violate? Because we will need to know that in case there is an appeal." The committee member making the motion for denial had to think about it for a bit and then spit out some of the "magic numbers" for denial, cause "I just don't like it" wasn't good enough. The COA for the new sign was denied, by the way. I hope they appeal and win. Every time I see that committee at work, it makes me want to puke! Edit: I found the information I was looking for about 1226 Heights Blvd and boy are they in a pickle. This was new construction and they received a COA. Halfway through construction, they discovered that due to a mistake by the contractor, they had built the house 2'4" closer to the street than it was supposed to be. They had apparently measured from the fence instead of the property line (fence was between the property line and the street). So this made the planned front porch of the house encroach 2'4" into the 25' minimum setback. "A neighbor" reported that the house appeared to be farther forward than the rest of the houses, so planning went out and found out it was. They then cancelled the permit and told them to stop work. I think work must have continued because that was sometime in early 2014 and I know they continued to work. They couldn't just make the porch 2'4" narrower because then it doesn't meet our communist-designated minumum width of 6' for porches on houses in the Heights. So they applied for the variance to encroach into the 25' setback. DENIED. So they are screwed. It looks like the COA has been cancelled, permits have been cancelled. Red-tagged. I guess they could move the whole house back.
  6. About 4 days ago, 1606 Harvard went on the market for $459,000. That's $386 per square foot. Today, it appears the listing has disappeared -- could it have sold that fast? Anyone have access to someone that is "in the know" about this house? If I could get $386 per square foot for my house, I'd sell today!
  7. And a few (well, one) hysterical people, too.
  8. Good riddance to that dump. At least the burial mound they put in the front yard doesn't appear damaged.
  9. I just saw two guys walking up and down Harvard Street taking notes and using some sort of electronic device on a tripod. I asked them what they were doing and they said, "We're from the City, and we're measuring all of the contributing structures in the Historic Districts." It kind of reminded me of, "We're from the government, and we're here to help you."
  10. Houston Population Estimate: 2,100,000 times 50 cents per person equals $1,050,000 that we could give to s3mh to move far, far, away so Houstonians would not have to suffer his ideas being forced upon us.
  11. This "Yarn Bomb" art showed up on the trail near 16th. It's really cool! (edited to add pics)
  12. For those that haven't been by 14th/Studewood recently, the lot has been cleared -- Fiesta building completely gone.
  13. I may be behind the curve but I peeked over the edge of the freeway as I was crossing Yale eastbound (I always go to Studemont and U-turn so I can avoid the poorly-timed feeder lights at Yale and Heights) and I saw that the parcel where San Jacinto Stone was is completely cleared. I guess we'll see walls going up soon.
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