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  1. Here's my story. I was told about Joe Carbone of C&C Pools (281-960-0313) by a person at work about 12 years ago. He's a 100% word of mouth operation. He started in the business digging holes, plumbing, electrical, etc. and realized that he knew who the best contractors were and could drive the work himself. I tell my friends who want pools to get three quotes including Joe's. If they don't like the dollars or design they should then ask him why they are different since the reality is that the costs are the same but get manipulated and the design can be changed to whatever you like. Example I know of are that Joe didn't get a job in my neighborhood because the person said the landscaping was going to be free. But the pool was smaller. Another neighbor told me how he had pebble tec thrown in for free (before he knew about Joe). But his pool cost over $50K so the cost of pepple tec was in it. Another neighbor didn't even have Joe quote their pool because someone gave them a great deal if they'd sign immediately. One day they had a contractor knock on the door asking for the money since the pool builder disappeared when the pool was half complete. Another neighbor used a cookie-cutter pool to save cost and ended up with a leak in the piping. Joe built a pool for me at my old house and I didn't even get multiple quotes for the new house and just used Joe. He's very passionate and still returns to my house when I have problems 6 years later to advise or fix the problem. So I recommend that you get three quotes including Joe, question him why things may look different, and be confident that you will always be taken care. The last thing I will say is that between the people I know who've had pools built by Joe and their contacts who have done the same, he's built about 12 pools in my zip code and no one has any issues. Mention slocker if you want.
  2. It's all opinion but maybe 5 miles. There are better places in Houston and of course Mel's. Better than Red Robin, Bailey's and Fuddruckers but cost plays into it too. Less than $7 for a large burger with a great roll, fries, and a drink and one free after every 8 or 10. Do you know why they closed?
  3. Does anyone know what happened? I was told that both the Atascosita and Klein locations were independently owned and there was an owner who sold the concept. It appears that the Louetta location is closed and the phone no longer works, plus the Atascosita location phone doesn't work. They had the best burgers around.
  4. The last thing I saw from KISD was that Cutten would go through to Cossey Road and it would be Harris County that has to work the remaining piece.
  5. The first set of buildings are for the intermediate school. They delayed the high school one year. Once complete it will take over most of the open area and Cutten Road is supposed to go right through from Louetta to Spring-Cypress.
  6. slocker

    Vintage Park

    I'm hearing the corner lot is a bank and a Chipotle.
  7. I live in Glenn Haven Estates across from Lakes at Gleannloch. The builder was able to tie into all the benefits of living in Gleannloch. The homes are very nice and if you drive in now you can see how they did with Ike. If you don't mind being close to Spring Cypress, the hope is that the "next door neighbor" now being used as a dumping ground for Ike debris will become another neighborhood. It's on the selling block for around 4 million dollars (you can see it on Loopnet). If you don't need the amenities you can try my neighborhood. There are a few excellent homes for sale and some were overpriced and now closer to what they should sell for. All are around 2-6 years old.
  8. I think the "On The Border" restaurant will happen. I saw the real estate website showing that it's planned to replace the Mexican restaurant on the corner of the Kroger shopping center. http://www.inlandgroup.com/american/images/400b44528_Bro.pdf
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