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  1. I have a feeling that OTC won't be around for long. That is a cursed spot. Too much competition as well.
  2. Interesting. Just noticed last week that the hospital closed.
  3. Well, Post seems to be having trouble with its ground floor retail on Gray. I don't know if they would want to add it at the Superblock Park either at this point.
  4. I never went back to Good Life since my first visit in March. It is a bad location for a bar due to the strip mall. Worhols is located across from the Greyhound station and the Crackdonald's. Not much chance for them either. There are too many better options.
  5. Very cool. I live 2 blocks away. The Pub Fiction guys know how to do things the right way.
  6. This place looks sort of like the nearby Dogwood but is much bigger. It's huge. It looks like an indoor bar, an outdoor patio area, and 2 rooftop areas. It is really coming along. But, I wonder how Midtown can absorb the people needed to fill this place along with all the other bars around. Business must really be booming.
  7. I walked by the old El Patio Xuco Xicana restaurant and they were putting up new siding over the aluminum addition that was build a few years ago. I always hated the aluminum addition. It looked REALLY tacky. But, the new siding actually looks really good. I don't know if that means a new tenant is moving in or if the owner is doing his own renovations.
  8. I hope I'm wrong but there is something about that spot that is just not right. The way it was originally built was tacky and I don't know if they can get rid of that feel.
  9. I really hope the owner of Open City/Cheerz is NOT involved. That place was incredibly tacky and brought in a terrible crowd. They had to have cops outside the place on weekends, including Sundays. I always had people yelling and fighting or flying down the road during their Sunday Fundays. Open City/Cheerz almost killed that entire block.
  10. Can't read the article without subscribing. Where is the location?
  11. This was one of the worst restaurants I've ever been to. I've lived in Midtown for several years so I found myself going many times, usually not my decision. They had the worst service. On top of that, when I was there last time, they were blatantly racist to the black tables in my area. They also lied about running out of fish. They were obviuosly saving it for a bachelorette party. When they didnt order it, they said they had run to the store to get more. But it was magically cooked within 5 min. I could go on and on. I'm happy they are gone.
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