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  1. I know this post is old, but was searching for recommendations to do hardscaping/landscaping in my backyard and ended up using Isabel Corvera. He was great! He listened to my needs/ideas and then came back a week later with a full landscape architectural plan for the back yard completed scoped and estimated. Some others wanted $600 just to do that and he did it without me asking him. It was a huge help to visualize everything and plan out the work in phases according to my budget. He is very thoughtful and detailed and executed the work quickly. I also believe he is very honest in the work he does all around. Thanks to the HAIF members for this recommendation!
  2. I am a HUGE fan of Hubcap and Christians, but I was at Ruggles last night and their Kobe burger looked incredible. It seemed like every table had ordered it. Has anyone tried Stanton City Bites on Houston Street? I hear great things but would like to know how it stacks up. Someone needs to organize a Heights burger throwdown!
  3. Truly sad to hear. Admittedly, I did not eat there nearly as often as I thought about eating there... shame on me. The food was wonderful, especially the leek terrine, so I hope the chef can be a part of a different (more successful) venture in the area again soon.
  4. Best burgers in town in my opinion! Now I won't have to drive "all the way" to I-10 and Washington... I can bike to White Oak and rationalize that I've negated the burger. This is the best news I've received all week!
  5. The wife and I finally tried "Heights West" at the recommendation of some neighbors and I must say that we were really impressed. We sat outside which offered zero ambiance, but other than that we had a great experience - the food was outstanding, the service was friendly and prompt, and the chef came out to chat with us a bit. I'm not going to make this a food review, but I wanted to post because I really hope this place survives. They are relying only on word of mouth and I know that I would have overlooked it if it wasn't recommended to me first.
  6. What a great idea! My list would be: Vietnam Restaurant (spicy fried eggplant)Christian's Tailgate (burgers are some of the best i've ever had)Candelari's (although seems to be going downhill in quality lately?)Asia Market (truly incredible Thai)Mam's House of Ice I'm probably just under the quota on Berryhill, El Rey, Chilosos, Lola andSpanish Flowers.
  7. I thought this thread was new at first and then found it fascinating to see how dining options have changed in the past few years. Now I wish I went to Jazzy's Cafe before they closed... shame. I'd still cast a strong vote of desire for a good local Indian place. I've spoken with a number of people recently who asked me if there was one in the Heights.
  8. I'm glad someone else has discovered Mango Beach as well... my wife and I stumbled by it the other day after complaining that we couldn't get fresh lemonade on the go anywhere in the area. Problem solved at Mango Beach! The guy was super friendly and the fresh fruit drinks were wonderful (and, if I remember right, the "jumbo" size was only a bit more than the small and was freakin' huge). I still love Mam's and don't complain about the prices, although I wish they were set up to be a bit quicker. Mango Beach and Mam's are the only things that get me through these crazy hot summers. That and air conditioning, I suppose.
  9. Looks like there is something new going in on TC Jester close to I-10. Anyone know what it is? If it is mentioned here I've missed it. Years ago I think the building was one of those really shady massage parlors.
  10. Thanks everyone! This is really helpful information. Since when is a Corolla not a high-end European car? That salesman totally ripped me off
  11. Does anyone know of a reasonable and good quality auto shop where I could get a new bumper for a Toyota Corolla? The structural part is fine, I just need the aesthetic part. Bonus points if the paint will match and the process is virtually hassle-free. I can find bumpers online but who has the time?
  12. Did it open? Anyone been there yet?
  13. AWESOME! After over a month with no response I just figured I had posted a really lame question that no one cared about. Thanks for the info!
  14. galahad1743

    Cedar Creek

    Sunday I was told that Cedar Creek will be open "within a month." Apparently the head chef at Dry Creek is going to head up things there and he is leaving Dry Creek in 2 weeks. I NEED to get invited to the grand opening...
  15. I think anything like a neighborhood coffee shop, boutique, day spa, specialty grocer, etc would be great but the location isn't really that convenient for a lot of the Heights area residents. A Trader Joes would be incredible but I won't hold my breath. Although, if Tycer can open up Textile on 22nd and Cedar Creek can open on 20th I guess anything is possible. I'd take anything other than: another tex-mex place, another used car lot, an empty abandoned "Shady" grocery. Townhomes wouldn't be my first pick, but better than what is there now. Does anyone else think the price is a little high?
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